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Bottlenecks hindering Zimbabwe-China Business partnerships


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The Zimbabwe-China relations are marred by small bottlenecks that hinder the potential for both countries to fully engage, Mr Guo Shaochu the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe has said.

The Ambassador was addressing the Zimbabwe-China Business Forum held at Meikles Hotel in Harare yesterday in a partnership between the Zimbabwe government, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) and Touchroad International Holdings Group.

Challenges in fully accessing the mutual benefits of partnership between Zimbabwe are bieng hindered by failure to access needed agreed resources.

“The question that has to be answered is: How can we develop the corporation that is necessary in coming up with a clear mandate that enquires on resources for Development and secrets for development we can map a way ahead” Mr. Shaochu said.

Challenges are also faced in terms of enough power access especially at a time the government is failing to generate enough power owing to low water levels in Kariba and challenges at Hwange.

These bottlenecks inhibit the potential maximum investments returns to Zimbabwe that can be achieved through billions of capital inflows that China can convey to Zimbabwe.

“We have to resolve  problems on a oriented approach  the stream of Chinese investment will come to Zimbabwe,” he said.

The Chinese Ambassador urged government to facilitate for a better investment environment that can foster mutual engagement and return to investments.

The ambassador applauded the efforts by the new government to open up markets as they have sought to design their open for business mantra.

Both governments highlighted their commitment to  nurturing their relationships that date back to the attainment of Independence to Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is an awakening giant whose attachment to the China and the Communist Bloc facilitated for the attainment of freedom for which they never asked anything back,” Vice President Kembo Mohadi said.

“I have been living in Zimbabwe for 7 years now, to say I am a visitor is not true, I am the son of Zimbabwe and my wife comes from Zhe Jiang,” the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe said amid cheers from the attendees.

The forum is a culmination of an April 2018 Ministry of Tourism, ZTA, engagement with a Chinese firm Touchroad International Holdings Group that has seen over 300 tourists arriving in Zimbabwe

The Forum ran under the theme “Zimbabwe Cultural and Tourism Exchange Conference”  and was opened by the Vice President Kembo Mohadi with various ministries officials and Chinese government department and business in attendance.

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