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CDI member, Dr. Sudden Turugari ties the knot

Dr. Sudden Turugari, a member of the Chikuku Development Initiative (CDI), on Saturday 12 September 2020 tied the knot with his long-time sweetheart, Dr. Rufaro Chidzenga at the famous Water Lily Gardens in Waterfalls, Harare.

The breath-taking scenery at the wedding venue punctuated the camaraderie of the guests who had for long been deprived of social gatherings because of the COVID-19-induced lockdown.

The couple’s acquaintances and associates in the medical field, family members, and relatives as well as CDI legends witnessed the majestic walk down the aisle as people drowned in the bliss that comes with such a magnificent wedding.

“I am glad that this day has finally arrived. We thank God that our great day came when lockdown restrictions have been relaxed. It is pleasing to share our joy with our parents, relatives, and friends who have travelled from far away places like Gokwe and Bikita, just to mention a few. In this union, our guidance will come from Ephesians 4 Verse 2 which says, ”Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love,” Dr. Turugari said.

The bride, Rufaro, said she would uphold faith, hope, and love as elucidated in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13 verse 13.

The groom’s mother, Jacqueline Svaruka Turugari, said she was humbled by her son’s obedience, faithfulness, and dedication to hard work that had led him to enter into marriage through a white wedding.

“Sudden is a very obedient son. As my first-born child, he always leads by example. I am confident that the two, united in marriage today, will always be loving to each other and be kind not only to our immediate family members but the entire community. I am glad that Sudden is a member of the Chikuku Development Initiative and am sure he will contribute to the greater good of society through his utmost participation in the group’s activities,” Mrs. Turugari said.

Mr. Leonard Turugari, the CDI Interim Vice Chairman who stood in for the groom’s father who is out of the country with work, prayed for peace in the marriage union.

“Let love lead in this marriage. Above all I pray for peace, harmony, and patience to be your guiding principles,” Mr. Turugari advised the newlyweds.

The Chidzenga family members said both families were happy about the union and shared their blessings and words of wisdom.

The groom’s biological father, Munamato Turugari, speaking virtually from his base in Eswatini, encouraged the couple to shun disputes at all times by forgiving each other’s mistakes.

“My son is well-disciplined and hardworking. I don’t remember the last time I disciplined him because he is always driving in the right lane. It is my fervent hope that the newlyweds know each other quite well. My advice to them is that they should not treat each other as fellow doctors but as husband and wife.

“The phrase “I am Sorry” should not be difficult to say. Embrace the bee mentality and not the fly mentality. The bee mentality commends the good deeds by one’s partner while the fly mentality thrives on the wrong aspects. Let love, forgiveness, and kindness lead in this marriage union,” Mr. Turugari said.

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