Chedonje Primary School donates to Rimuka Old People’s Home

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Writes Chimeno Azriel

It was an early Christmas for the elderly last Thursday when Chedonje Primary School learners left their four-walled classes and donated foodstuffs to Rimuka Old People’s Home.

After the learners had a Heritage Studies lesson about Social Services and Volunteerism, the Grade 6 learners took it upon themselves and contributed their own resources and bought food supplies which they gave to the elderly at the home, much to the delight of the male inmates.

Accompanied by Chedonje Primary School Deputy Head, Mr. Leonard Murigwa, and the two female staff Mrs. Rite Sharayi and Ms. Otilia Rusukira, pupils had a nice time talking to the elderly and touring the Home before handing over the provisions to the Home.

Led by Chedonje Headboy Barrack Phiri, their prefects Clifford Gedi, Mapfumo Shalom, Mandizvidza Joyline among other learners, handed over donations to the elderly at the household for under-privileged elders in the extensive high-density suburb of Rimuka. The home is located next to Chedonje Primary School and the provisions consisted of foodstuff and toiletries.

In an interview on the sidelines of the ceremony, one of the school staff members, Madam Sharayi Rite said they did it so that they help those who are in need and hoped that the hampers will go a long way in helping the elderly who need them. She said their aim is to train young people by inculcating in them the right attitudes.

“We did this as a way to just help those that are in need and we decided to start by giving to the elderly here and we hope the provisions will be very useful. We did this as a way to show appreciation and respect for our elders and we want to catch the children young so that this thing will grow in them,” said Mrs Rite.

Accepting the provisions, Pastor Luke Nyamusara said they were touched by the learners who are still young and needing to be taken care of, but are the ones who came to give to the elderly.

“I encourage others who may have something to assist with such situations, particularly, this home, to come forward and be counted,” said Pastor Nyamusara, who is one of the Committee members at the Home.

Established in the late 70s, the Home does not have particular providers, but various organizations and individuals usually come and help them.

One of the members of the Kadoma Beneficiaries Association (KABA ), appreciated the kind gesture shown by the pupils and said that they were humbled and touched by what the children had done.

“As KABA, we are grateful for being remembered with such a kind gesture. It is uncommon nowadays to have children like you who come in handy to assist us with the goodies and we feel humbled by this love from the kids,” said Pastor Nyamusara. He continued by saying that the elderly need not only provisions but also moral support and frequent visits.

“Visits and extension of support are lower these days maybe because of the economic situation we are in. However, we hope these efforts encourage other people in our community and beyond to follow suit,” said Pastor Nyamusara.

Kadoma Benevolent Association ( KABA) is the management committee that runs the affairs of the Home. The Home houses 5 elderly people and has a capacity to accommodate up to 12 residents. Kadoma City Council is the secretariat of the Home.