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Closing the digital gap: DFA donates to Village of Hope Children’s Home

Dignitaries at Village of Hope Children’s Home unveiling of refurbished library
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The Village of Hope Children’s Home received a generous donation from DFA Zimbabwe as the latter plays its part in closing the digital gap in the country.

In his speech at the unveiling of the donation to Village of Hope Children’s Home, Mr. Simon Chimutsotso, the Chief Executive Officer of DFA Zimbabwe said his company’s presence at the event dovetails with their vision of a connected Zimbabwe through robust and resilient open access networks.

“The future is a connected world, therefore, today we celebrate as DFA Zimbabwe brings a connected world to the Village of Hope Children’s Home through the provision of this computer lab. We look forward to future collaborations with industry stakeholders as we pursue the shared vision for digital transformation and enhancement of communications in Zimbabwe and beyond,” Mr. Chimutsotso said.

Speaking on behalf of the Director-General of POTRAZ, Dr. Gift Machengete, Hilda Mutseyekwa, the Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ)’ s Director of Economics, Tariffs and Competition said the DFA donation led to a remarkable transformation – the metamorphosis of a humble library at the Village of Hope Children’s Home into an Information and Communication Technology laboratory.

“This remarkable change was made possible by the significant efforts of DFA Zimbabwe. Their dedication has not only refurbished a physical space but has also opened new horizons for our children’s education. Information and Communication Technology is not merely a subject in our curriculum; it is the cornerstone of modern education.

“By integrating ICT into our learning environments, we equip our young minds with the tools and skills necessary to navigate and succeed in an increasingly digital world. This lab represents a critical step in ensuring that no child, regardless of their background, is left behind in our journey towards a technologically empowered future,” Mutseyekwa said

She extended POTRAZ’s appreciation to the Village of Hope Children’s Home, whose commitment to nurturing and educating children is commendable.

“Their work aligns seamlessly with our national objectives of improving child welfare and providing quality education to all. It is a shining example of what we can achieve when we place the well-being and development of our children at the forefront of our efforts.

“In line with our commitment to universal digital access, POTRAZ has been actively working to ensure that every citizen of Zimbabwe, regardless of their location or abilities, is included in the digital revolution. We have embarked on initiatives like training people with disabilities in both rural and urban centres, promoting not only digital literacy but also inclusivity. These initiatives are fundamental to our mandate of ‘leaving no place and nobody behind’ in our journey towards a digitally empowered Zimbabwe,” she added.

The ICT guru reaffirmed the  Director General of POTRAZ, Dr. Gift Machengete’s unwavering commitment to expanding digital access throughout Zimbabwe.

“Our focus remains steadfast on bridging the digital divide, particularly in rural and underserved communities. Access to information and technology is a right, not a privilege, and it is our duty to ensure this right is upheld for every Zimbabwean child.

“In conclusion, I call upon all stakeholders –government, private sector, and non-profit organizations – to join hands in a sustained effort to advance our technological capabilities and uplift our society. Together, we can build a future where every child has the tools to not only dream of a brighter tomorrow but also have the means to make it a reality,” she added.

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