Council commissions service delivery vehicles


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Writes Lloyd Rabaya
In a bid to enhance efficiency in service delivery in the capital, the City of Harare commissioned service delivery vehicles this week.
Recently, the city acquired 52 tractors that will improve its efficiency in refuse collection and compaction.
On Wednesday, the city commissioned five 20 cubic meter refuse compactors, three 20-ton hook loaders and bins, and tractors and trailers.
In his State of the City Address prefixed “Will anything good come out of Harare?”, Mayor Jacob Mafume highlighted that due to the deficit of service delivery vehicles, there is a need for more to curtail the grapples faced by residents every day.
 “Your city, through a government-initiated arrangement with Belarus, managed to acquire a total of 52 Tractors. The procurement of trailers for our tractors will improve waste collection efficiency and coverage. Each Region will be given its dedicated tractors and some compactors,” he said.
The city also managed to acquire three ambulances since the deficit has made it difficult for the Council to respond to all emergencies in Harare and beyond.
Mafume announced that these emergency services require recapitalization as they are critical.
“Our city emergency services is one of the most critical areas which needs recapitalization as there are only six functional Fire engines against an ideal number of 25, four ambulances against 32 needed.
” We have procured three ambulances which we expect to be delivered during this quarter,” he added.
Mafume highlighted that moving forward, they would want to procure 15 refuse compactors and seven tipper trucks.
He also mentioned that the city received and attended 787 fire calls in and around Harare whilst of the 16 208 ambulance calls received, the city managed to attend 14 028.
The Mayor called for institutional complementarity where he urged various institutions to complement each other to improve their functionalities.