Court bars ZANU (PF) from abusing learners

Justice Mafusire today ruled that the ZANU PF Party should stop abusing learners, teachers and school property in pursuit of private political interests. The matter was heard at Masvingo High Court chambers.

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) was applicant being ably represented by Doug Coltart of Mtetwa and Nyambirai law firm. Veritas engaged the lawyers on behalf of ARTUZ. ZANU PF and Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education were respondents.

The court wholesomely adopted ARTUZ recommendations that; i) School children should not be forced to attend rallies. ii) Political parties should not use school property such as buses to pursue private political interests.iii) Teachers should not be forced to fund and participate in private political processes.

An interim court interdict was granted in the presence of both ZANU PF and MoPSE.

Initially ZANU PF had tried to block the case by citing technicalities in the application but the court boldly ruled that the application was urgent and must be heard.

After the two respondents submitted their heads of arguments the Judge noted that they were not going to be prejudiced if the interdict was granted.

“We grateful to our partners Veritas and is excited with this victory. Friday 29 is Red Friday victory celebration. Wear Red and celebrate​ the victory,” said ARTUZ in a statement.