Discounting Shadows of the Pan Africanist’s Paranoia

The 37 years after independence and literally little to show for it, Zimbabwe has created a false Pan African who thrives on beating shadows and ranting at the wall.

The act is a loss for the real Pan African movement and a win for the genetically modified version that consists of solely engendering the longevity of a corrupt status quo.

It’s a clever guise easily swallowed whole by fanatics of the movement and reviled by the opposite camp.

The act involves a lot of mental gymnastics that start with lying and believing the lie yourself that somewhere out there lies a ravenous global village led by the West out to gulp you and your whole anatomy. Balls and toes.

This false Pan Africanist only needs to take to the podium and attack the West for the ancient acts (bad they were for real) and crop them everywhere else where he fails. That suffices for the fanatics.

The West is the reason why we have bond notes. The West is the reason why we don’t have diesel. The West it is for the absence of jobs and the reason why I bashed that model too. Down with you AfriForum!!

When the Pan Africanist takes to the podium we don’t have to expect much from him. All we need to do is stare in awe at the magnitude of his calling, leading us in the great fight against imperial opposition meant to stifle a poor us and the rich cavern we have down here.

The false Pan Africanist has his own version of Africa and how it should go about its existance.

It involves hating anything and everything that seeks to have him out of power since this new Pan Africanism has the genetics of traditional chieftainship, and with Chiefs you don’t call for their removal.

There are many varieties of Pan-Africanism. In its narrowest political manifestation, Pan-Africanism envisions a unified African nation where all people of the African diaspora can live and assumes their having common interests.

However the Pan Africanism of the Zimbabwean type does not follow that line of thinking. To him the only true type supports its type and rule.

Pan Africanism starts and ends with whatever limited agenda they have decided and does not entail seeking the greater good of other supposed Africans. Whatever goes to the other side of the fence loses its African-ess and does not have the right to enjoy, acquire or be counted.

That’s why opposition politics members are left out of food rations. That’s why they don’t get stands. That’s why few get farms.

They are no longer Africans to this Pan African, and so they don’t deserve the African things.

Though this Pan African fought for freedom he does not want his subjects to enjoy that freedom. Enjoying and practicing the freedom is un-African and an import from the evils of the West.

He wants them kowtowing to his every whim and laughing to only his jokes.

He fought that they may be freedom of speech but he does now want you to practice that, if you do you are now copying whites and their depraved hedonistic lives.

This type of Zimbabwean Pan Africanist is irony walking, a created art in constant opposition with itself and the idea behind its being.