Echoes of My Heartaches: A collection of poems with emotional appeal


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In the book “Echoes of My Heartaches”, inspirational Author, Sudden Dambuza had to think outside the box to bring out what’s inside his heart. From the depths of his heart and soul, the Author takes the reader on a journey through the corridors of his heart.

Sudden Dambuza

Penned down during the time, Sudden had an emotional breakdown and was going through an emotional rollercoaster – which was mostly characterised by heartaches- aches in his heart, head, body, and soul. All of these aches are echoed from the pages of his heart to the pages of this book. These are heart-to-heart poems that the reader can relate to depending on the emotional space they find themselves in.

Echoes of My Heartaches is a collection of ninety-three (93) poems written by Sudden Dambuza from the period of June 2023 to December 2023. The book has some interesting poem titles: Corridors of My Heart, Strings of Regret, Wish We Never Met, and Tinder-girl which is a fusion of emotions such as regret, disappointment, and heartbreak.

The copyright page of the book also highlights that “Sudden Dambuza asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this piece of work. This is both a work of fiction and reality, it all depends on which side of the line you choose to walk on. While reference might be made to actual historical events or existing locations, the names, characters, places, and incidents are either a product of the author’s creative imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, religious or business establishments, events, happenstances, or locales is entirely coincidental and if not coincidental is used fictionally.”

Besides focusing on negative emotions alone, the Author also delves into positive emotions of love and acceptance in some of the poems such as My Pillow Friend, Dear Mom, No Greater Love, Crystal Clear, My Delicate Flower, and True Love Exists.

Other poems from the book advocate for justice and are the author’s intent to become the voice for the voiceless for example, his imaginary poem titled Crime Scene which speaks against gender-based violence and also Respect for Women and Justice Suffered Defeat?

There is an array of hope the book also reflects on letting go of the past as the author intentionally leaves a blank page on the poem titled Dear Past. This was done to show that we need not to reflect on our hurtful past but to focus on the present and the future. And given the fact that the future is unknown and unpredictable, the last poem of the book, which is titled Dear Future, is also a blank page. Other hope-giving poems that come immediately after Justice Suffered Defeat? Include, Sunset Reflections which also speaks of dissolving the complexities we have built in our minds which have resulted in racism, colourism, and tribalism. Sunset Reflections is also followed by a poem, titled, Future Focused, and the book is sealed off with Dear Future.

This anthology was carefully and intentionally crafted by the Author as means of not just putting his emotions on paper but also making sure that some of the poems are relatable, for example a quote from one of the poems when he says, “Life is moving too fast like Harare traffic” and also the poems titled I Can Relate, Mid-Life Crisis, Take A Break, Lesson from the Tree, They Only Remember You, New Age Drug and Heart and Soul Music, which engage the reader.


When it hurts the most I do what I love the most – I write until I am alright – when darkness surrounds me – I write until I see the light – I correct my wrongs to right – and there is a hope I ignite – what’s dim then shines bright – This is how I heal – by telling how I feel.

Sometimes we don’t have to act strong but allow ourselves to go through every emotion that we ought to experience – I found relief, release, and healing in jotting down the impressions of my heart and the expressions of my soul on paper. These are heart-to-heart poems that you can relate to depending on the emotional space you find yourself in.

You are about to journey through the corridors of my heart, so please take every poem and page as a door you have to open to see what’s behind it.

About the Author

Sudden Dambuza is an Inspirational Wordsmith who has penned and published these books to his name, Your Psalm 23, How To Pray, Spiritual States of the Church, Road Maps, The Revolution, Storm Navigation, and How To Navigate Relationships. An Authentic Author who synchronizes pen and paper- is also publishing books for other Authors. Has a heart for God, people, and the environment – being a minister of God’s Word, love, and an environmentalist respectively.