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Econet the network of choice for corporate consumers

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Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed mobile network service provider Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is the network of choice for 88 percent of corporate consumers in the country, according to a survey commissioned by the telecoms regulator, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe(POTRAZ).

The consumer satisfaction survey, for the period ending December 2018, conducted by Topline Research Solutions (TRS), showed most corporate consumers, accounting for 88% of those surveyed, use Econet as their service provider of choice.

Overall, the consumer satisfaction survey, the third of its kind, aimed to measure consumer satisfaction levels with overall service delivery from their respective postal, telecommunication and courier service providers.

It was also aimed at measuring usage of telecoms services, as well as overall consumer satisfaction. At least 370 corporate consumers were sampled from public and private organisations from across all sectors.

Top five sectors that participated were retail (57%), manufacturing (13%), ICT Services (5%), Banking & Finance (5%) and Agriculture (4%).

Participants in the survey were, among other things, asked to indicate which mobile telecommunication service provider they are currently using, and the overwhelming majority of corporate consumers said they used Econet.

This was followed by NetOne, accounting for 36 percent and Telecel, accounting for 13 percent of usage by corporate customers.

Econet has made significant investment in its infrastructure, including critical network upgrades to the latest technologies such as 4G (LTE), which suit business entities, hence becoming the preferred network for business users.

The company, which has the widest network coverage for 3G and LTE, has also heavily invested in network upgrades in the major cities, according to recent quarterly telecom sector reports from POTRAZ.

According to the TRS survey, which also asked corporate participants to indicate which mobile telecommunication service provider they use “most often”, Econet came out on top, accounting for 79% of corporate customers.

NetOne, the survey showed, is often used by 16% of corporate consumers, while Telecel is often used by just 5% of corporate consumers.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende