Every time I mention SPIKED I have to explain further because a tout will think of police coming with spikes to throw on a car, a party freak or open minded person would think Aww well women or men get their drinks SPIKED at a bar r wherever and wake up at a place they do not know with no memory of the previous day or hours.
So none of the above is about this SPIKED, we call it SPIKED cause stories in the mainstream media (newspapers) which do not find their way to print for various reasons are called SPIKED stories. In a polarized media like ours stories get SPIKED because of the political reasons, advertorial and even the editorial policy of the paper.
Politics- the editor could be friends with the politician whose story is incriminating or the media house would be subscribing to different political views altogether or should I say pushing a political agenda in which the story will be contradicting the agenda, so it gets SPIKED.
Advertorial- the print is limited to the number of pages they print day in day out. Whether they have more news it is rare for them to increase their pages. Times are hard, so when a giant corporation comes offering to pay for a full page or two so they advertise their new product coming in the market the media house scraps off the stories meant for the page and flight the advert, makes business sense right?
Editorial Policy- this comes to who owns the media house, which political ideologies to they subscribe to. Anyone who has been around long enough in Zim knows what newspaper is pushing what agenda, but we still read the articles nonetheless scavenging through on what could be through and what could be a lie.