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Evelyn Kachirekwa elevated to Power Giants helm

Mrs. Evelyn Kachirekwa, Power giants MD
Energy and power development company, Power Giants Southern and East Africa has made a management shake-up which saw former finance director Mrs. Evelyn Kachirekwa being promoted to the helm of the organisation and the appointment of new directors.
As the new Managing Director, Mrs. Kachirekwa will be responsible for steering the company through its transformation phase, penetrating into East Africa and Asian markets. Her appointment and the coming on board of a female Group Finance Director for Africa and International relations effectively means that women now hold the top positions in the entity.
With more than 15 years of experience at the senior management level, Mrs. Kachirekwa is an astute businesswoman who has been the Power Giants Finance Director (FD) responsible for managing the company finances since its formation. She also holds a diploma in Business Studies.
As a co-founder of Power Giants, together with her husband Engineer Edzai Kachirekwa, who is the outgoing company MD, she has a vast knowledge of how to run successful business enterprises after having managed to put the electrical engineering firm on a solid footing in the southern Africa region. During her tenure as a finance director, she managed to successfully execute more than 50 projects. Under her stewardship, Power Giants grew immensely, becoming a force to reckon with in the energy sector in Zimbabwe and beyond borders.
“The appointment of a new Managing Director is meant to continue steering the company on a growth trajectory. The incumbent is widely credited for impressive company performance during her tenure as the finance director. As such, her elevation is a special recognition of her hard work for more than 20 years. This is also in line with Power Giants’ ideals where we strive to empower women into strategic positions of influence. We congratulate Mrs. Kachirekwa and we are very proud of her accomplishments. We wish her the best in her new portfolio,” said Engineer Kachirekwa, the company’s chairman and Regional Operations Director in a congratulatory message.
The new changes which saw the former finance director taking over the reins of the electrical engineering company are expected to boost investor confidence after the energy firm recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with two South African companies with vested interests in renewable energy and power generation.
“The organisation will pursue its fundamental goals with a renewed thrust as we strive to leave no one behind in terms of access to power. We are very proud of our achievements as Power Giants and we commend the authorities for providing a conducive environment for private players to complement government efforts in the provision of essential power generation services. During my 5-year tenure at the helm of the company, we endeavour to spearhead the construction of more renewable energy infrastructure in the country to ameliorate acute power shortages and enhance industrial and agricultural productivity,” said Mrs. Kachirekwa.
According to the latest Women In The Workplace report from McKinsey (2022), “Companies with better representation of women, especially women of colour, are going further…and those that want to see better results would benefit from following their lead and breaking new ground.
“Compared with men at their level, women leaders do more to support employee wellbeing and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) — work that dramatically improves retention and employee satisfaction but is not formally rewarded in most companies. To make meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality, companies should consider focusing on two broad goals: getting more women into leadership and retaining the women leaders they already have and that will require pushing beyond common practices.”

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