Food security a top priority for Morocco, Africa’s future

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Morocco’s Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki, has said food and health security and sovereignty are at the heart of Morocco’s political and economic concerns with a continental vision.

The importance of the orientation of the food systems and their agri-food value chains that Morocco is developing towards greater sustainability and resilience, which represents today a strategic priority not only for the country’s development but also to ensure sustainable and resilient food security throughout Africa, was the highlight of the intervention of the Moroccan Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki, on the second day of the 2nd African Conference on the Reduction of Health Risks, which is taking place in Marrakech.

This is a policy that is carried out by ensuring access to diversified and nutritious healthy food and conserving natural resources and ecosystems on the continent; given the current situation that requires everyone to harness the crucial potentials of agriculture to address the fragility of the food production system and food value chains.

Sadiki underlined that the development of agriculture, food security, and the growth of national territories are common challenges among all African countries and must be addressed through intra-African cooperation based essentially on the capacity and competence to address these challenges from a collective perspective based on an operational framework of partnership and collaboration.

The African Conference on Health Risk Reduction is an initiative that has mobilised the whole of Africa to combat the natural hazards that increasingly reveal that water, the environment, and food security are necessarily interrelated elements that are at the heart of the economic policies of African countries in the context of the climatic changes that the world is experiencing.

Ensuring sustainable food security is, according to Sadiki, a priority conditioned by consolidating agricultural potential and developing the agricultural sector as a cornerstone in the development and protection of African ecosystems.

In this sense, the Kingdom of Morocco has made food sovereignty a national and continental priority that aims to ensure the durability of food products and the protection of natural resources and is based on agri-food research and investment in human capital.