Four Employees Steal Over $1 Million From TM Supermarket

Four TM Supermarket employees appeared in court for allegedly defrauding the supermarket of over $1 million.

Taurai Madziwanzira, Silas Munyoro, Tafara Matanga and Talkmore Mutsago allegedly swindled a total amount of $1 107 050 which has not been recovered

It is alleged that in 2018 the accused persons hatched a plan to defraud TM Supermarkets in connivance with Daison Mudakari, an accounting bookkeeper based at the head office, Eria Mukono TM Chinhoyi South branch administrator, Stephen Muzambi TM Kariba branch administrator and Tavapo Nyangwaira who are still at large to register an EcoCash Merchant line 0782791509/72546 in the name of Nyangwaira.

According to some reports, subsequent to the line’s registration, between January and December 2018, the accused persons allegedly transferred some of the funds made by the respective branches to the fraudulently registered number.

“After the sham transfers Madziwanzira, Munyoro, Mukono and Muzambi allegedly sent EcoCash sales amounts less than amounts stolen to the other accused persons.

Matanga and Mutsago then received EcoCash transaction reports from Econet showing the actual sales figures made by respective branches. To cover up the offence Matanga and Mutsago would doctor EcoCash transaction reports.

The manipulated amounts were allegedly sent to the supermarket’s finance manager for banking.