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Free Zim Promises a Better Zimbabwe


Tendai Guvamombe and Michael Mashiri

Free Zim Congress is determined to walk the talk in bringing to an end to all socio-economic challenges bedevilling the nation which the current government dismally failed to address, Party President Joseph Makamba Busha revealed.

Addressing members of the media fraternity at a press conference held in the capital today, Busha said Free Zim Congress will be a “Game Changer” in providing sounding solutions to the current upheavals which the New Dispensation under the Second Republic is grappling with.

“My party is determined to deliver solutions towards a better Zimbabwe. We now want professional leaders with the ability to deliver to the needs of the people,” he said.

Free Zim Congress vows to fight against myriad challenges leading to economic deprivations in the country. These range from sanctions to corruption which has remained an incurable malady.   

“It won’t make sense for the current government to prioritise moving Parliament to the proposed site of the new city yet corruption has remained unresolved and the current government is doing nothing. The government continues to preach zero tolerance to corruption but the reality on ground is that the alleged corrupt dealers have not been properly brought to book,” he added.

The Free Zim Congress leader is looking forward to engage the government, MDC the main opposition party and the United States Embassy alleging that letters of engagement will be penned to the concerned parties as a way to pave way for a dialogue to end sanctions.

“I will write a letter to the government, Main Opposition party and the US Embassy in the quest to open dialogue process to end the sanctions which are heavily affecting innocent people of Zimbabwe,” he reiterated.

According to Joseph Makamba Busha the recent National Budget by Minister of Finance and Economic Development Professor Mtuli Ncube pays little attention to the poverty ridden societies of Zimbabwe adding that the 2 percent tax is a burden to the people.

“I respect Mtuli Ncube as an academic but as a business man he has failed. His economic models have done little to address the socio-economic pleas of the people and I am saying gone should be the era where top government officials monopolise loans from the Central Bank. To this end, government run private entities should be under the control of professionals,” Busha added.

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