Giraffe Heroes honours four citizens for Human Rights Work

By Byron Mutingwende

Four Zimbabweans have been conferred with the Giraffe Heroes Award for outstanding work in promoting socio and economic rights in the country.

The recipients are Tineyi Mukwewa of Abammeli Lawyers for Human Rights ,Youth Advocacy for Enlightenment and Progressive Orientation (YAVEPO) Director Zacharia Shawatu, Chiadzwa Community Development Trust(CCDT) founder Malvern Mudiwa and Alfred Dzirutwe of Bulawayo Youth Arise (BUYA)

Speaking from the United States where he is participating in the Mandela Washington Fellowship (MWF) Tineyi Mukwewa said that he was greatly humbled to be honoured by GHZ as he has been active in promoting human rights in the country for over a decade.

‘I feel honoured to be recognised by GHZ and I greatly value the honuor. I will keep on standing up for the rights of citizens in the country,’ he said.

GHZ Founder and Director Terry Mutsvanga sad that GH will keep on identifying and honouring socio and economic rights activists in the country especially at this moment when the country is experiencing harsh economic woes.

‘We will keep on honouring such courageous individuals particularly in this time when the economy is severely affecting people’s livelihoods. Such individuals continue to stand up for the marginalised and providing leadership and hope in these difficult times,’ he said.

GHZ is one of the only six affiliates in Africa and is part of Giraffe Heroes International (USA). So far, over 70 citizens have been honoured as Giraffe Heroes.