Global unity under serious threat


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Writes Lovemore Chazingwa
Division among world leaders is one of the reasons the world continues to suffer the scourge of genocides and humanitarian catastrophes, a diplomat has said.
Palestine Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr. Tamer Almassri said this on the occasion he organized a press conference on the ongoing Palestine/Israeli conflict and voicing solidarity messages for the people of Palestine, at his embassy offices in Harare on Thursday.
“What we now have in Palestine is genocide. But, I want to mention that the Palestinian people are not only victims of the last apartheid regime in the world represented by so-called Israel. We’re the victims of the double standards of the international community. Victims of the same colonial powers who gave  Israel full political and military support to commit more crimes against our people. We see the Israeli genocide is supported by some colonial powers,” Amb. Almassri said.
He continued: “According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel’s air strike used MK84 bombs to attack the Baptist Hospital. Those bombs are of American origin. When you want to see with your eyes what these double standards mean, you can follow the colonial powers’ positions about what is happening in Palestine. They blind their eyes to the Israeli occupation, they don’t say what our reaction is. Our reaction is not taken into account because we’re under occupation. They want us to accept the occupation.”
Dr. Almassri gave an analogy of the situation in the Gaza Strip as similar to the Russia/Ukraine war in terms of double standards.
Palestinians continue to be punished for crying out.
“They try to deprive the Palestinian people of raising their voice just to say we’re suffering. If you see the campaign against Palestinian content in some social media platforms, they deleted thousands of Palestinian accounts just for raising their voices.”
Ambassador Almassri took a swipe at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
“Unfortunately, the ICC doesn’t take any action against Israeli criminals occupation because they’re not African. They would call them to the court if they were African. They don’t have black skin meaning they’re free to commit any genocide they feel like. They want to increase our disaster and suffering.”
He condemned those obliterating truths about the war.
“Unfortunately, some American politicians use very bad or strange definition and their descriptions of what is happening in Palestine. They use the religious war definition. That’s actually something we should condemn and prevent them from using. If they use that concept they will lose totally.”
The envoy acknowledged and appreciated all those fighting on their side.
“The Palestinians will not pay the prize again as we paid it before in 1948. Let me say, that in spite of the Israeli genocide war, Palestine will not give up. We’re proud of the solidarity positions we received from all progressive countries of the world, Zimbabwe included. Palestine will not give up and we will fight on your behalf. We cannot allow the Israel regime to renew the apartheid definition in the 21st century. Israel is a reflection of the South Rhodesia and South African apartheid regimes,” charged Amb. Almassri.
Local solidarity messages were proffered from like-minded entities, Citizens Against Economic Sanctions (CAES), Shoulder to Shoulder with (SSWP), Moslem Mission of Zimbabwe (MMOZ), Zimbabwe Islamic Centre (ZIC), Islamic Students in Zimbabwe, and the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy (ZID).