Gospel artiste salutes Bishop Mabhiza

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Writes Tafadzwa Muranganwa

A rising gospel artiste, Joseph Tivafire, enchanted the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World congregants in Gokwe on Sunday with a song dedicated to their leader.

The song titled Tipe Nzira by the budding gospel musician kept the over 2 000 congregants on their toes.

The catchy lyrics showed the musician’s admiration of the church’s leader  Bishop Dr. Sydney Mabhiza.

“VaMabhiza woye tipei nzira, St John tipe nzira”, loosely translated to ask Archbishop Mabhiza and the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World to give believers guidance.

The musician’s album launch was bankrolled by Bishop Dr Mabhiza who chipped in with US$7 000 and he could not hide his joy.

“I want to tell you that I managed to hold a successful album launch which I think can topple Mambo Dhuterere’s, only that he received more money.

“I am indebted to Dr. Mabhiza for his efforts in making my music project a huge success,” Tivafire told the gathering.

He then revealed that he was now determined to fellowship at the church.

Later as per his wish, Bishop Dr. Mabhiza bestowed the musician as a pastor in the fledging congregation.

” From this day, Tivafire is now a pastor in this church. He is a powerful musician and deservedly needs to be recognized as a pastor,” instructed Dr. Mabhiza.

Meanwhile, the religious leader spoke at length on how churches need to honour traditional leaders before donating to Chief Njelele who was the Guest of Honour.

“As churches, we need to recognise and respect our village heads and chiefs.

“There is nothing amiss in appreciating our local leaders. I have been touched by your (Chief Njelele) humbleness and as such I want the church to donate 10 goats, 2  heifers, and 10 blankets for you,” the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World founder said.

This reporter witnessed the prescribed donations exceeding as the church members jostled to donate. The act touched Chief Njelele so much that he requested for a Big Sunday to be held at his homestead in the near future.

There were also spirited performances by musicians from the church namely King Solomon (Solomon Kaporoma) and Booster (Brighton Mutanda) who took time to serenade their fellow congregants.

The apostolic church has been growing owing to its inclination to modernity. It has built schools and has donated ambulances to public health institutions.