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Government of Türkiye rolls out scholarships

Some of the students who have benefitted from the programme
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Writes Lovemore Chazingwa
In a bid to absorb more students taking up educational and training programs in the Republic of Türkiye, the Government of the Euro-Asian country has opened another opportunity for locals to apply for the 2024-2025 round of applications, a communique from the embassy reveals.
Turkish Embassy in Harare pronounced that the interest shown by Zimbabwean students is encouraging and would like to have more Zimbabwean students on Türkiye scholarships.
The intervention is a Government of Türkiye funded Higher Education Scholarship program run by the Republic of Türkiye for international students.
“The Türkiye Scholarships program offers a wide range of programs for pre-bachelor’s degree, undergraduate, graduate, research, and language education opportunities in Türkiye’s prestigious universities for international students and researchers.
As a rising hub of international education, Türkiye attracts students from around the world. Its biggest scholarship program, Türkiye Scholarships, has more than 150,000 graduates from 165 countries. Currently, 15,000 international students from 145 countries are continuing their education in Türkiye, within the scope of the Türkiye Scholarships program.”
Since 2000, almost two hundred Zimbabwean students have been awarded Türkiye Scholarships, half of them have since graduated and the rest continue their studies in Türkiye.” the embassy said.
The program is applauded for strengthening bilateral relations between countries, Zimbabwe included.
“Graduates from the scholarship program also make a significant contribution to bilateral relations.”
The communique further says ” as a comprehensive scholarship program, Türkiye Scholarships considers everything that international students will need during their academic studies while discovering Türkiye and acquiring new skills.
Türkiye Scholarships provides university and department placements, accommodation covers, and tuition fees, and allows beneficiaries to learn the official Turkish language within a one-year course. Thus, resources are diversified in the academic research and daily life which makes the study more pleasurable.”
According to the communique, the scholarship program also supports students on their journey to Türkiye and when they return to their country at the end of the education period by covering a once-off flight ticket, allowing them to take full advantage of widespread health services when necessary, with health insurance.  Monthly stipends are extended to cushion beneficiaries on their learning sojourn.
The Republic of Türkiye is a country stretching from southeast Europe to West Asia. It is mainly on the Anatolian Peninsula in West Asia, with a small portion called East Thrace on the Balkan Peninsula in southeast Europe.
The Republic is reported to have a population of 85 million, 2021 World Bank figures show.
Applications for the scholarships, provided by the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), are now open online until February 20, 2024 at the website:

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