Granting Starlink an operating license in Zimbabwe commendable: Engineer Jacob Mutisi

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Letter by Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi
Dear President Mnangagwa,
I write to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your decisive action in granting Starlink an operating license in Zimbabwe. I wrote to you requesting your action and you acted. Your swift and proactive approach in recognizing the limitations of your country’s regulatory capacity, and then personally intervening to facilitate Starlink’s market entry, is truly commendable.
The lack of reliable and affordable internet access has long been a significant challenge for many Zimbabweans. Your leadership in welcoming Starlink, a global satellite internet provider, will undoubtedly help bridge this digital divide and unlock new economic and educational opportunities for your citizens.
By granting Starlink a license, you have demonstrated your government’s commitment to fostering innovation, promoting technological advancement, and improving the lives of the Zimbabwean people. This bold move will position Zimbabwe as a forward-thinking and investor-friendly nation, attracting further foreign direct investment and positioning your country as a regional hub for digital transformation.
I applaud your vision and your willingness to think creatively about solutions to Zimbabwe’s development challenges. Your actions in this matter set an inspiring example for other Regulating authorities to seriously consider when granting new products and service licenses.
Congratulations on this significant achievement, and please accept my best wishes for your continued success in leading Zimbabwe towards a prosperous and connected future.
Engineer Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi