ICAZ Fundraising Golf Tournament targets the less privileged

By Byron Mutingwende


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) had a fundraising golf tournament as a sign of its commitment to the charity cause.


“Through the Fundraising Golf Tournament, ICAZ ploughs back to the community. With proceeds from last year’s similar event, we were able to respond to an appeal raised by Gokwe based Nyamuroro Primary School which appeared in The Herald Newspaper on 25 October 2017after part of the chool was destroyed by a hailstorm,” said Martin Makaya, the ICAZ President at the ICAZ Centenary Charity Golf Day held at Chapman Golf Club on Friday 2 March 2018 in Harare.


At Nyamuroro School, 83 desks and 83 chairs were donated to the school while 10% ($707) was channelled towards the Vimbiso Scholarship Fund, which is an ICAZ Trust Fund established to enable the less privileged youths to have an opportunity of becoming Chartered Accountants.


There are many organisations that have benefitted from ICAZ Charity Golf Day. The Rose of Sharon Children’s Home in Ruwa got a minibus, Muchinjike Secondary School in Murehwa got desks and chairs, Proceeds from the golf day have also funded the donation of A’ Level Accounting textbooks to secondary schools in 10 provinces.


Golf has been played in Zimbabwe since the 19th century. Mr Makaya said the first official golf club was formed in Bulawayo in 1898 and had its centenary in 1998. Chapman was later founded in 1928 and therefore its centenary will be in 2028.


Its recorded that there are 50 golf courses in Zimbabwe today, the best being those located in Harare. That is Chapman and Royal Harare. The third is Leopard Rock in Manicaland.


“ICAZ was born on 11 January 1918. 218 is therefore our centenary year. ICAZ is celebrating this great milestone throughout 2018. I therefore dedicate the resounding success of this event to the maximum support from all the sponsors and everyone here present,” Makaya said.


Speaking at the same occasion, Old Mutual Group Finance Director, Takura Mudekunye said his organisation was a proud sponsor of the ICAZ Centenary Charity Golf Day and Centenary Celebrations.


“This is a partnership that has been growing since 2013 and its continuation reflects our confidence in ICAZ and the positive impact they are making in the community,” Mudekunye said.


Mudekunye said Old Mutual approach to business sustainability is anchored on what they call responsible business.


“Fully integrating the principles of responsible business into everything we do represents a commitment to our customers, to ourselves and to every community that we serve in the country.”


Apart from the charity aspect, the golf day accords a congenial platform for customers and stakeholders to meet and exchange ideas outside sometimes intimidating corporate boardroom environment.


“Today’s Charity Golf Day has played a part in helping us to fulfil Old Mutual’s brand promise to Enable Positive Futures for those who are gojng to benefit from this charitable cause,” Mudekunye added.


Bernard Manyenyeni, the Mayor of the City of Harare said the charitable cause by the participants of the Charity Golf Day augured well with the municipality’s work towards improving the livelihoods of the capital’s residents through an effective service delivery. He revealed that Harare had recently successfully concluded an audit, a feat achieved 20 years ago and said accountants promote accountable and transparent societies.