Inaugural Photography and Photo Journalism Awards Around The Corner

By Tendai Guvamombe

The inaugural Photography and Photo Journalism Awards are around the corner and the much-awaited event, which will be held for the first time is set to honour revered personalities who immensely contributed towards the development of photography industry in Zimbabwe.

The event, earmarked towards end of April this year is organised by Zimbabwe Association of Photographers in collaboration with Zimbabwe Photo-Journalism Project.

Founder and Secretary-General of Zimbabwe Association of Photographers Bornwell Choga confirmed that there would be three categories set for the event dubbed 3-generational awards.

“The awards are meant for the people that contributed significantly to the development of photography in Zimbabwe. There are three generational categories for the awards and these are legends who ventured into the profession in the pre-colonial era, those who joined after independence and recognition of embassies respectively.’’

Among notable veterans expected to feature at the awards include Besta Kanyama who ventured into the profession at the height of colonial upsurge later to be nominated first presidential photographer and Shamiso Mapure known for her braveness in joining the profession at a time when the industry was misunderstood.

“It is for these reasons we shall be mounting our exhibitions to recognize, appreciate these people and institutions that have allowed flow of inspiration, motivation and promotion of photography,” Choga added.

According to Cyril Sanhehwe the Zimbabwe Association of Photographers Vice Chairman, the awards will be a show cased opportunity to change the traditional perspective on photography alleging that it should now be recognized as a profession.

“Photography is a noble profession like any other profession such as engineering, medicine, teaching and others, it can be studied up to professorship in other countries photographers are just respected the same way with other professions.”

Among interesting features expected to top at the awards is awarding of an outstanding photo journalist during the previous elections and recognition of institutions such as embassies for their continued support towards development of photography.