International Institute of Philanthropy dismisses ZIMCHE fake degrees allegations

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International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) press statement






Doctor of Humane Letters, DHL Award Controversy Clarified.


It is with great sadness that the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education, ZIMCHE, has made defamatory, misguided and reactionary public pronouncements without having done any due diligence, consultation or any form of engagement with all parties involved.


The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education did not give the International Institute of Philanthropy, IIP, an opportunity to make any representations and no clarifications were sought before they wrongly and unlawfully invoked statutory powers that do not apply to IIP.


This should have been done as a matter of due process of law and administrative justice observed by the same Constitution of Zimbabwe.


While we have great respect for ZIMCHE with regards to what it stands for but we are however disappointed in their handling of matters of public interest on public platforms such as social media without consideration of the negative and damaging consequences and implications that this causes for all concerned parties in their different capacities.


The International Institute of Philanthropy would like to make it known that the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education and was taken to court by IIP on the 29th of July 2014 at 10;55 hrs under Case Number: 6396/14, Urgent Chamber Application for having made a similar press statement which was damaging and defamatory to IIP.


While in Parliament (Reference: the Herald of 18 July 2014), the then Minister of Higher and tertiary Education Hon. Dr. Olivia Muchena while referring to the same Act stated the following after Mashonaland Central Senator Cde Damian Mumvuri (Zanu PF) asked her what Governments position regarding the awarding of the Honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters to Zimbabweans was and her response as a government position was ”We didn’t find anything wrong with these awards since they were awarded for philanthropy.

We didn’t find it necessary to interfere or react to the controversy because our understanding was that the degree awards were for philanthropy, for people who use their wealth or influence to help those in need, ‘she said.


The degrees that concern us are those that people sit for. We saw that people are now mixing issues. I saw that the Institute appreciated people that are not usually appreciated’’.


Similarly the Minister of Higher and tertiary Education who would then follow, Professor Jonathan Moyo, stated that the Act needed to be amended first before ZIMCHE, could have jurisdiction over institutions like IIP as it was a slippery rope.


This Act has not been amended since then to this day.


The Act in Question, Section 75 (3) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, Amendment (NO.20) Act, 2023, as read with section 10 (1) of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education Act (Chapter 25:27), which laws prohibit institutions of higher learning not registered and accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Educations to offer degrees does not apply to the International Institute of Philanthropy, IIP.

The Zimbabwe Council For Higher education, ZIMCHE, has no jurisdiction over matters of the International Institute of Philanthropy, IIP.


ZIMCHE is applying this ACT where it is not applicable.


The International Institute of Philanthropy is not an Institution of Higher Learning.


The Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, is classified as an Award and not a Qualification and is accompanied by the prefix, h, c, and is classified as an “honoris causa” degree.


This translates literally to “for the sake of honour,” meaning that the degree is an honorary title meant to show respect and appreciation.


In simpler terms it is an Award and not a Qualification.


The Doctor of Humane Letters, DHL, Honorius, causa, with all the rights and privileges is a non-academic HONOR AND AWARD.


The Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, DHL, is awarded in recognition of one’s significant contributions to humanity and philanthropy.


All recipients of the said Honorary Award do not sit for examinations of any kind, do not pay tuition fees, do not have a syllabus that they study so as to qualify for the said award.


The International Institute of Philanthropy, IIP is registered under MA 778-2014 and is empowered by Chapter 3. 3. Which reads, IIP has the Authority to Accord and bestow Honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters to deserving candidates as deemed by the Institute, as part of its standing rules and objects for administrative purposes in Zimbabwe.


No further registration based on its merits, function and mandate is required after that as it has nothing to do with academia.


The International Institute of Philanthropy, IIP, does not hold graduation ceremonies and simply presents credentials, honours and awards to recipients.


Our recommendation to the Zimbabwe Council for High Education is for them to propose the amendment of this act so as to have the jurisdiction that they so desire, and obviously by then we will not be sleeping while they do this as we believe that the world is bigger that ZIMCHE and that other countries out there are more appreciative and less jealous of seeing others being honoured and celebrated.


The International Institute of Philanthropy, IIP is not restricted to the confirms of the Republic of Zimbabwe in terms of its functions and operations and legal jurisdiction.


If it’s a question of Zimbabwe hosting the presentation of IIP credentials to Zimbabweans then I believe that IIP recipients from Zimbabwe will fly to other parts of the world to receive their honours and awards so as to have no dialogue of any kind with ZIMCHE as the DHL Award has nothing to do with ACADEMIA or seeking employment in totality.


It is very unfortunate that Zimbabweans suffer from PHD Syndrome, the pull him/her down syndrome and do not celebrate one another.


We understand that a prophet like IIP cannot be celebrated in his home and as such will be celebrated elsewhere.


IIP could have juris in other parts of the world such as Dubai and Mauritius and as such the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education cannot make such pronouncements as these awards and honours can be of another countries juris and authority and hence the need to consult and engage and not defame others in an irreparable manner.

The said recipients could have flow to any other country outside Zimbabwe and still received the same award and honours and that would still have been their business, honour and award without the interference of third parties like ZIMCHE.


All our IIP Doctorate of humane letters recipients are not stupid or naïve and are fully aware that their honorary doctorates are awards and not qualifications and they have never, would never and will never use them otherwise or interpret them in any other context.


People should not confuse personality battles of who and why etc was so and so honoured and instead should focus on the facts and legalities that surround this matter.


We appreciate that some of the people we honour might not be of your liking but we do not honour them to seek your approval.


Our decisions are guided by our assessments, structures, policies and criteria based on our statutory rules, objects and functions and unfortunately them like ourselves are not money that should be liked by everyone.


IIP will continue to celebrate the living, the uncelebrated, and the less appreciated for their significant contributions to humanity and philanthropy.


Doctorate of Humane Letters, DHL:


The Doctor of Humane Letters, DHL, cannot be done via academic efforts and instead must be gained through significant contributions to Humanity and


Philanthropy. Forming relationships with Institutes like IIP, while keeping good records of progress increases the likelihood of a DHL, Nomination.



As an Honoris causa, the Doctor of Humane Letters, DHL distinction is not the same as an academic or earned degree. With an academic degree, a student earns his title based on successful completion of required coursework.


An Institute like IIP, confers an honoris causa award when the recipient has contributed significantly to humanity and philanthropy. In this way, the DHL. honorary is recognition of practical application of expertise in humanities or philanthropic areas and should not be confused with an academic degree as it is out rightly non-academic in totality.




The International Institute of Philanthropy, IIP is an Institute of excellence, integrity and philanthropy solely dedicated to the advancement of humanity through philanthropy, increasing awareness and understanding of philanthropy, improving its practice, and enhancing participation through public service, education, research, fundraising, and management of non- profits while simultaneously acknowledging, celebrating philanthropists.

IIP, is an online, distance and open entity of philanthropic expertise, one of the few and the first Institute in the world to exclusively bestow upon and accord distinctively and authoritatively philanthropists and humanitarian Practitioners with the Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, DHL and to accord its doctorate degree holders full rights, obligations, benefits, stature and full titles of the title Doctor, Dr, Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris, causa, DHL, as opposed to other institutions and entities.

The Institute believes that the practice of philanthropy can never be attained academically at any juncture and as such this positive approach is wholly justified as philanthropists and humanitarian practitioners or individuals who practice philanthropy are born and live a life of practising philanthropy.


This invariably means that the only form of recognition, respect and honour that can truly reflect their intellectual philanthropic practical expertise, gesture of acknowledgement and qualification can only be attained through the conferment and attainment of the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, DHL.



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