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Mannatech: Pacesetters in healthy products and lifestyle

Riding on the immense possibilities for Aloe vera as a means to improve health and nutrition using the compound Acemannan that helps support the immune system and digestion, improves cognitive function and mood, and provides important nutrients to support overall health and well-being in significant ways – Mannatech was formed to harness the vast healing powers of Aloe.

“Investing millions in research and development, Mannatech secured the rights to the perfected, proprietary formula for Manapol® powder, a product containing 100% Acemannan, as the basis for many products.

“In 1995, Mannatech launched Ambrotose Complex® — the flagship product, a glyconutrient supplement made with a potent blend of Manapol powder and several other plant-based ingredients. Ambrotose Complex rapidly gained notoriety for its amazing cell-to-cell communication and, seemingly overnight, was embraced by millions and gained world-wide acclaim for its health benefits. Mannatech emerged as the pioneer in Glyconutrition, a branch of science now widely accepted by the scientific community,” said Felicity MacDonald, an associate with Mannatech.

Mannatech is the world leader in Glycans. Glycans are not vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or herbs. They are specialised ingredients derived from plants and provide nourishment for human cells.

There are more than 200 Glycans in nature, but only  8 of them are essential for cellular communication. All 8 of these glycans are in the Mannatech products.

Why is cellular communication so important? Because poor cellular communication is the main reason for dreaded diseases like cancer, auto-immune diseases, etc. There are Trillions Of Cells in your body that communicate with each other. They know when they need nourishment, protection, repair, or even destruction.

MacDonald said Mannatech is the only networking company with a state-of-the-art research laboratory. They have 11 scientists on the research team, 5 of them with a Ph.D. They have already spent well over $75 million on research and are constantly busy improving these excellent products.

She said they are the only company with over 140 patents on their products. 19 studies are published in peer-reviewed journals. 12 of these studies are the gold standard, double-blind placebo-controlled tests.

What impressed me most is their innovative, excellent marketing plan. Mannatech has the most generous marketing plan of any network. In 180 days they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all their products. In South Africa, it’s only 90 days as a result of the laws in that country.

“All products are delivered to your doorstep and all marketers and preferred customers get it at the same price. After 3 months of automatic ordering, and every month thereafter, you receive 20% of your product purchases back to use with your next order or to test other products,” MacDonald said.

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