Music industry, an outstanding career for Tapiwa Mashumba

By Joyce Mukucha

Music industry is one of the profession which many artists in Zimbabwe are failing to nurture and achieve in it. It requires passion, courage and optimism for one to prosper and yield fruitful results.

Nowadays in Zimbabwe, there has been much talks concerning the death of music industry. Young artists are well known for producing what is called ‘bubble-gum’ tunes because they lack some of the mentioned qualities.

Unlike other artists who are crying in the industry, for Taps, he had seen himself excelling to progress as the music journey is taking a new shape to fit itself to life people’s situations as they respond positively.

Tapiwa Mashumba is a juvenile Zim Hip-Hop artist with passion for music popularly known with the stage name ‘Taps the Bourbon’. The name Bourbon comes from the dynasty in France which meant the kings at that time. The upcoming music star associates himself with the name Bourbon because he sees himself as one of the person in the royal families.

He is 22 years old who comes from Chihota in Marondera and is currently staying in Harare. Tapiwa attended his primary at Tomlinson Depot then proceeded for his secondary at Goromonzi High and finally went to Herentals College CBD for his ‘A’ Level.

“I started loving music back then when I was still in primary after I got inspiration from Winky D when he dropped his album ‘Ndazovaona vane Godo’track. The track vibe was so dominant and I found interest in it. The flavour which came by Winky and other Urban Grooves of that time motivated me to start liking music. I started to listen to other musicians like Stunner and Rocky though Winky D was major of my inspiration because of his standardised music,” Taps said.

Tapiwa said he started by producing Dancehall music until he realised that with his voice, he was well talented for singing hip hop type of tracks.

“Those who listen to my music say it has got a flavour which sounds like Stunner a Maskry’s music. Mine is Zim-Hip-Hop though I drop the mixtures in vernacular Shona. Though I didn’t perform well in Shona but I still love my mother tongue language.

In as far as the challenges in the music industry are concerned, Taps said the journey for music needed commitment and persistence for the road is rough and the terrain is difficult as he was expecting.

“I thought music industry was simple, when I dropped my first track I imagined people liking my productions so fast considering how much talent in have got. The big challenge is that when you are still an upcoming artist, they are few people who willing to give you time to listen the message you will be spreading. Many people want to listen to familiar musicians with the likes of Jah Prayzah who are always hit tracks,” he said.

In terms of releasing albums, the Bourbon said he had not dropped any yet because he considers it as a very big project. A focused artist, he said, must not just release albums in short period of time as many artists are seen going in and out of studios recording music which is not convincing.

He said for now he is working on his first mix tape called Sound of Progress with the collection of art with progressive message. This first mix tape is expected to be released by July this year.

“When people hear about Hip-Hop, they start to think about type of music which is expensive and flashy but as for me I love to spread the message. Another tracks which I produced consist of one called another chance which was a dedication to Stunner – Olinda when they were divorcing. The other artists then came up with their art imitating from what I have produced,” said Taps.

Taps indicated that he perceived it as suitable to drop that track during that scandal. The song was viral on social media and also played on Power Fm. It was a collaboration by. The other tracks he produced include Road Runner a track which carries a message of motivating people to work hard in life.

In 2018 he produced a track called Rudo kana Mari where he will be standing for men who are facing a challenge in relationships of ladies who only want money and not the person. The track is being liked by many in the streets and it’s even played currently in FM stations.

Taps the Bourbon mainly sing of the tracks that relates to and touches situations which he face in life and which are also encountered   any others. He said people are responding positively to his music.

As for the future, Taps think that his future is very bright and big. He started the recording profession in 2107 but he is happy that he is making great strides in the industry. Besides music, the Bourbon is studying Information Technology Engineering at University of Zimbabwe. He is in the third year.