Nkayi-based women launch debut book “Aluba Ngangisazi: Had I Known”

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Writes Chimeno Azriel

Four Nkayi-based women defied the odds when they launched their debut anthology book entitled “Aluba Ngangisazi: Had I Known” at a colourful ceremony held in the rural town last weekend.

The women are a living testimony to the world that the background or location of a person can not hinder the talent that one possesses when they came up with an anthology of poems that tackles issues of the rural lifestyle, gender-based violence, child marriages, all forms of abuse, HIV spreading and prevention and other social and life ills.

The book was published with the help of the Nkayi Non-Formal Education Department.

The Launch of the Book by these four rural-based women from the deepest ends of the country where everything seems impossible is awesome.

Speaking during the launch, amid pomp and fanfare, the publisher, Mr Fortune Mansaka, said the book is a valuable asset for those seeking to conquer challenges and know more about the challenges the world is facing.

“The book by these upcoming budding writers is a valuable asset to those seeking to conquer the challenges of this world. These women are a living testimony to all that one’s background is not a deterrent to coming up with an educative anthology book,” said Mr Mnsaka, who is also a teacher by profession.

The four – Lubelihle Nomagugu Mhlanga, Msipa Ayanda, Dlamini Khethiwe, and Ndlovu Nomatter, all in their early 30s, took it upon themselves to unleash the potential that was lying dormant in them as they were disadvantaged and lacked exposure. The ladies did what is deemed impossible and the anthology book tells it all. Their background did not let them put their backs on the ground.

Edited and published under Pre-Dawn Books Publishers, the anthology book revolves around what happens in society and life in rural areas. In the book, some poems have to do with a rural lifestyle, gender-based violence, and early child marriages which are the order of the day, especially in rural areas.

The editor, Mr Mnsaka, said the poetry book encompasses principles, insights, and lessons about daily life. The authors give readers the room to come up with solutions after reading the poems.

Nkayi District Life-Long Co-ordinator (DLLC), Mrs. Siqondiso Ncube, said the title of the book itself tells that the ladies took time to come up with the educative anthology of poems that covers cross-cutting issues among them drug abuse which is pertinent nowadays.

Speaking about non-formal education’s role in the publication of the book, Mrs. Ncube said the ladies were bold enough to take the skill taught and come up with the book

“Non-formal education functional literacy was explained to the Community and a level ground was presented to all. The young ladies were bold enough to take up the skill that most people feel is challenging. They were eager to share their experiences, especially as young mothers hence the fashioning of their dreams through pen and paper,” said the coordinator.

The launch gathered various communities. Those who were on the terraces are going to surface. If they do so, the lifelong education department will be ready for them. The Non-Formal Education Department, with the maximum support from the District Schools Inspectorate.

“It is with the greatest hope that every talent in the district will be identified and moulded as we embrace the 2030 Vision premised on ‘Leaving no one and no place behind’,” Mrs. Ncube added.