Old Mutual Zimbabwe, Audacious Women Empower Women With Financial Literacy Skills


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Old Mutual Zimbabwe, a distinguished diversified financial services group, recently hosted an impactful financial literacy training session for women at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Showgrounds. The event was a testament to the group’s unwavering commitment to championing financial education for previously marginalized groups. In collaboration with Audacious Women, a women-only organization established in 2021, Old Mutual created an empowering platform for women to acquire valuable financial knowledge and skills.

Lillian Mbayiwa, Group Marketing, Public Affairs and Sustainability Executive of Old Mutual Zimbabwe, expressed the group’s enthusiasm for the initiative.

“The partnership with Audacious Women aimed to not only equip women with financial expertise but also empower women-led firms to grow from startups to substantial organizations that contribute significantly to the national economy”.

For nearly a decade, Old Mutual has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to promoting financial literacy, making a significant impact on creating a more equitable society. The strategic partnership between Old Mutual and Audacious Women proved to be a game changer. Their collaboration enabled over 300 women to access and benefit from the financial giant’s expertise, empowering them to make informed financial decisions and paving the way to creating brighter futures.

Old Mutual’s financial education program, “On The Money,” has been instrumental in promoting holistic financial literacy and driving financial inclusion. The training sessions, which incorporate highly visual and interactive materials inspired by the traits of Africa’s Big Five animals, are open to everyone at no cost across the country. This is because Old Mutual identifies the need to educate more individuals on how to handle their finances.

The partnership between Old Mutual and Audacious Women is part of Old Mutual’s broader commitment to empowering women in Zimbabwe. It not only provides valuable financial education but also offers mentorship and networking opportunities. Together, Old Mutual and Audacious Women are working towards fostering a society where women are equipped to thrive and make a lasting impact on the nation’s growth.