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Optimistic Tapiwa gaining confidence in himself through talent

By Joyce Mukucha

Most people always find it difficult to make their artistry aptitudes grow and exhibit them to the world. The novel and film writing task is hard and tough if one has got no passion for it. For Marcus Pro, courage always rises at every attempt that seems to intimidate him in as much as living his dream is concerned. The young novelist and film writer is an optimist who sees opportunity in every difficulty and he is making the task easy driven by the passion and love for novel and film writing. The only way that is making him do great work in novel and film writing is loving what he do. That gives him tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power to accomplish the journey of success.

Tapiwa Marovanyanga popularly known as Marcus Pro, was born on May 5 1991 and grew up in Bindura though he used to spend some of his time in Harare. Marovanyanga attended Herman Primary School and proceeded to Herman Secondary. Currently, he is staying in Harare where he works.

When he discovered his talent in writing, he stayed true to himself and never let what other people say distract him from his goals. In his novels, Marcus focuses on the real life issues that contain educating messages. For him to become serious about writing, he was inspired by the work of Ancillar Katsande. As an individual who is optimistic and deterministic, Marcus felt that there would be no net that could ensnare him and he started his independent work. “I used to read most of her work and fortunately I got a chance to network with her. She motivated me that it was never too late to engage in writing and that is when I found courage to start my own work,” said Marovanyanga.

In as much as writing is concerned, the artist explained that he will remain gigantic since he is thriving to be extensively recognised in a competitive artistry world. He is also aiming to make people realise the beauty of writing. “I want my novels to be used in schools as part of literature and because of that I will stand firm in the industry to make sure that I continue to market my brand as well as showcasing my talent to the world. I see myself being the next Wilber Smith,” he said. So far, Marcus Pro has published one novel titled, Giant of Little Hills. It was launched on the 30th of March 2019. The other books he is working on and yet to be published include Obstacles in Paradise, My one and Only True Relationship, Heart above Sea Level, Chisi Hachiyeri musi wacharimwa among others.

The novelist is not just limited to writing but he is also extending his skills in writing films. For him to venture into the film industry, Marcus Pro was motivated by World Everlasting Gospel Association of Arts (WEGA Arts). The genres of films he writes include real life drama and action spiced up with a bit of romance. Teardrop Stains is one of the films he wrote. For his filmmaking project to prosper, Marcus is currently working in conjunction with Star Films and Kings Records. The filmmaking project and novel writing task has not been easy for Marcus considering the Zimbabwean economic situation which continues to crumble down. However that can never be a reason for Marcus to step backwards in as much as his career is pertained. The young artist is learning more from failure than from success and is not allowing economic hardships to overtake him since his determination to succeed is strong enough to overcome fears. The vision of working on something he really cares about is pulling him to remain captivated in the industry.

“The Zimbabwean economic situation is deteriorating each and every day and it impacts negatively on the business. Despite the economic hardships I encounter, that will not make me lose hope in the industry. I see myself growing and I will remain focused and determined to achieve my goals in this media industry,” Marovanyanga explained.

Pertaining awards, Marcus has not received any so far but he is working so hard to receive one. He explained that being pessimistic in the industry won’t yield positive results for him in as much as he want to market his skills to the Zimbabwean population and abroad. To the upcoming novelists and filmmakers in Zimbabwe, Marcus pro urge young talented Zimbabweans to remain self-determined, optimistic and confident in their talents.

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