Petronella Mukanganwa: New gospel star shining from the east

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By Clayton Masekesa


MUTARE – Talented gospel artiste Patronella Mukanganwa has released an album called Murapi Aripano that features gospel music heavyweight, Togarepi Chivaviro whose theme is to win souls through praise and worship.

The debut album was released early this month and it carries four calming and heartening songs that are set to change the dimension of the gospel music scene.

The album is already causing a sensation on YouTube channel and is receiving some satisfactory airplay on local radio stations.

Murapi Aripano was recorded at the highly fashionable Kunashe Studio in Mutare and produced by immensely gifted Ollin Anderson who has taken the recording music business by storm.

Anderson has produced for musicians that include high-flying Dorcas Moyo and the famous Blessing Shumba among others.

In an interview with this publication recently, the Mutare-based Mukanganwa who leads the Spiritual Worshippers musical group said her music is aimed at restoring lost hope and winning souls through songs of praise and worship.

“I am a psychologist by profession. I work with different people including the less privileged, persons with disabilities, vulnerable people, and others that are deemed social outcasts. So some of my songs are inspired by such situations,” said Mukanganwa.

The opening plug track, Murapi Aripano, is about soul healing.

“I am a worshipper. So in this song, I was looking at the current situation that is prevailing in the country and people need to be healed spiritually and soulfully. Many people have lost hope in their lives, some are sick and others are facing various difficulties, but, it is only God who can heal our souls,” said the dazzling musician.

The second song, Glory Alleluia, which has fabulous instrumentation and supple vocals, seeks continuous praise unto the Lord.

“Regardless of difficulties that one faces, there is a great need to continue praising the Lord. God knows all our problems and He knows what. So it is very important to continuously sing praises to Him,” she said.

Tererai Mwari is a magnificent and remarkable track that encourages people to listen to God’s word.

“In the song, l was encouraging people to read the Bible. God gave us Pastors, Reverends, Preachers, and Evangelists among others, so it is important that we listen to and respect what they preach. God is truthful and He is the one that gives us life, so it is important to listen to His word,” explained Mukanganwa.

Oh Mwari Ndiripasi Pano caps the melodious album.

“We are here on this world to seek the grace of God. We are in this world to seek God’s mercy because we are on a journey where we have few days to live. So we are here to have a life by seeking God’s grace,” she said.

Mukanganwa who is in the real estate business started singing at a tender age at school and church,

“I started singing long back at Sunday school. I started receiving some encouragement from churchmates who encouraged me to record my songs, so this is why I have come up with this first album,” she said.

“I want to thank my husband and our company Palm Real Estate for supporting my music. I also want to thank my fans for their continuous support and encouragement,” Mukanganwa said.

The album wonderfully exemplifies her true mission of winning souls to Christ with apt and pertinent messages that are punctuated by melodious and harmonious voices.