Pikitayi launches debut poetry book

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Angela Chirenda Rugara aka “Pikitayi the Poet” is set to launch her debut Poetry book titled EMOTIONAL EVOLUTION at Twinlakes Methodist Church in Zimbabwe this Saturday in Norton.

The 69-year-old Poet started writing poetry in 2019 under the mentorship of award-winner, Tawanda ” VaChikepe” Chikepe. She has gathered a record of poems in the book which seek to show emotional evolution experienced.

“I started writing in 2019 after I was inspired by international award-winner, VaChikepe who is my mentor,” said Pikitayi who is also a nurse by profession.

“My collection of poems dwells much on emotional evolution experienced that involves missing people I love most,” continued the poet.

The Norton-based poet showed her deep commitment to poetry by taking time to compile well-thought emotional poems. The book is composed of emotional and life skills experiences.

“The poems in the book touch on life experiences encountered by people and mothers who believe in internalising emotions or someone who has who has interpreted erroneously body language from a stranger,” said Pikitayi who studied midwifery.

The must-have copy anthology has poems that impart life skills and experience and some of the poems to look forward to including “You”, “Love”, “words ” among other poems.

Born in a small village in Kadyamatimba in Zvimba, the poet was privileged to attend good schools which – rare for a girl child during the Rhodesian era; and writing was her hobby as she could write what she would have encountered in life.

The debut book was published by PUBLISHER T.P.CHIKEPE ( Pvt) Ltd and Pikitayi is expected to read some of her favourite poems from the book. The book is available on Amazon as an e-book and on hard copies and is expected to be received by readers.

“I am expecting readers to receive the book positively as it counsels and teaches life,” said the poet who is also a Psychiatrist and has travelled across the world whilst she worked for humanitarian organisations.