Presidential solar scheme on the cards

Staff Writer

In yet another innovation for the Second Republic, a new Presidential Solar Scheme is being rolled out in Glein View Harare, and is expected to go across the country’s 10 provinces by an independent power producer which says it will rent rooftops of homes to install solar panels to generate power to be fed into the national grid.

The pilot project is being rolled out by the Zimbabwe Solar Energy Company (ZISEC) to households who will in turn sell the energy to the national grid.

This initiative by the Second Republic, under the leadership of President Mnangagwa is meant to address the power crisis bedevilling the country.

ZISEC, a subsidiary of Prevail Group International (PGI), yesterday met with the Glen View residents in the area where they educated residents on how the project works and also hear the people’s concerns.

PGI chairman Dr Paul Tungwarara said they came to solicit views from the residents if they are interested in the project.

“This project is a Presidential Solar Scheme that is going to be done under ZISEC which is going to be involved together with Prevail Group.

“We are going to generate solar from the rooftops and put the electricity into the grid and eradicate load-shedding in the specific areas where we are installing the solar,” he said.

Dr Tungwarara said since the residents have given nod to the project it is now ready to start but only awaiting the signing of contracts.

He pointed out that this is a national project that will benefit Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation and benefit locals.

“Initially we are going to target 400 houses. Local people will be trained to install the solar system as a way of employment creation.

“The landlords will also be given a token of appreciation for the generation of electricity into the national grid,” he said.

Zanu PF Politburo member Cde Tendai Chirau who also witnessed the engagement praised the President for spearheading development to all regardless of political affiliation.

“No one will be forced to join the scheme. I am glad that Glen View North Member of Parliament Happymore Chidziva despite being a CCC member is here and is serving his constituency without wearing a political jacket.

“Zimbabwe also has a President, Cde Mnangagwa the one for all Zimbabweans who are saying Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo who are us. This programme is a testament that issues of development are benefitting all,” he said.

Glen View ward 30 councillor Charles Chidagu said the project was welcome as long as it will benefit the people.

On his part, CCC Glen View North Member of Parliament Happymore Chidziva was happy about the initiative, emphasizing that this is a national development programme.

“Such a scheme we welcome it with open hands but will continue to monitor it to the end so that it continues benefitting our community,” he said.

“We glad that the pilot is being done here. It is us who will share the experience to the rest of the country.”