Occupational health ailments related to respiratory and cardio diseases continue to wreck the life trend of humanity although health technology is growing on a daily basis. Silicosis caused by dust from rocks containing silica, Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium and Tubercle bacilli and Asbestosis from Asbestos dust are major factors making rise of Air borne diseases which increase high death rates in many countries doing mining .

Andre Van Zyl a Health Expert with the Health Focus based in South Africa, Johannesburg, states that the two diseases are a menace especially in many countries where Mining activities take place. Andre scoffs at TUBERCULOSIS as the main culprit related to HIV and AIDS but he scalds more scum on the adverse effects of Silicosis which is exponentially rising on a daily basis despite multi concerted efforts by SADC to reduce it or may be eliminate it.

Silicosis which is preventable but not curable is caused by rising dust from silica rocks found in many Mining areas in many countries. It is severely dangerous since it affects ALVIOLI which is part of blood vessels. Dust particles which are sharp like broken bottles settles in the Alivioli , blocking blood vessels causing breathing difficult .This difficult breathing leads to heart problems in many people in developing countries of the world .

The visiting Expert said SADC countries have come out with a Code of Practice to measure dust exposure and preventive programs in the Region.

‘’The disease which is as serious as Tuberculosis is so dangerous since it affects lungs, blood vessels and related parts of the body.’’



’This , in the long run comprises the Immune system such that TB which is highly related to HIV and AIDS takes toll as lungs get seriously affected by high dust levels accumulation in the lungs’’ .said the Expert .

The Expert further stated that many countries have up to now not yet crafted policies and Legal Frameworks related to dust effects to Health at work places.

‘’Despite increase in Health problems at work places affecting a number of people in many developing countries , severely TB and Silicon ailment affected countries have not yet crafted Laws and policies to curb this problem’’ .

‘’Apart from that ,tool kits are needed , capacity building in workers and trainings are vital to address this problem , but still countries are grappling to address challenges related to the Health problems leading to high Economic costs down-sizing Gross Domestic Products of many , especially developing c countries in Africa South of the Sahara , Asia , parts of Europe and South America .

A Tuberculosis Expert said the Zimbabwean Government has already put in place strategies on HIV and TB linked to policies.