Sasai launches new ‘Moments’ video-sharing and the social networking feature

: Sasai has launched Sasai Moments, a new social media networking and short video sharing capability.

Sasai Moments will allow the App’s users to experience, capture, post and share videos, audio notes, pictures and user location tags, among other features. This will be driven mostly by user-generated content along the same lines as TikTok.

The Sasai App, which was first launched a year ago by Cassava Fintech International (CFI), is a uniquely African, all-in-one super App with chat, payments and digital marketplace features. Although developed primarily for Africa by Africans, the App is now already being used in over 180 countries around the world.

Speaking on the release of Moments, CFI Chief Executive Officer Darlington Mandivenga said with over 3.6 billion pictures posted on social media platforms daily, sharing life’s moments had become an essential part our culture.

“Life is all about capturing and sharing precious moments with those we love and hold dear; with friends, family and colleagues. Our Moments feature has been designed to bring some of life’s most precious and unforgettable moments together onto one place by building an open digital community,” Mandivenga said.

The Moments feature will include official pages for public figures and for corporate organizations, such as private businesses, public enterprises, civic associations and faith-based organizations.

“Corporates can now engage with their customers on Sasai in a richer environment through Moments, where they can use pictures, videos and online links,” said Sasai Chief Operating Officer, Tapera Mushoriwa.

“They can register Moments accounts and reach out to interact with their customers in a creative manner by visiting the Sasai website to register,” Mushoriwa said, adding that Moments would allow Sasai users to connect and share videos, audio notes, pictures as well as users’ location tags.

“Moments creates an online community where a user can connect with family, friends, peers, and new contacts from across the world,” he said. In the near future, Sasai users should expect enhancements that allow shopping and selling on Moments.

“A user will simply display their product or service on their timeline, and once they get a customer or find something of interest, they can make and receive payments securely and directly with their Sasai digital wallet, all on one App.

“This enhancement promotes social commerce in Africa as most Africans advertise their goods and services on social media platforms but their biggest challenge has been collection of payment as most platforms do not have payments capabilities,” Mushoriwa said.

Meanwhile, Sasai has also launched a #TalentOnMoments promotion, where it is inviting all Africans to showcase their talent on Sasai Moments for free. This becomes the first digital talent marketplace in Africa, where the talented can showcase themselves and scouts can identify the talent they want.

“Contestants stand a chance to win weekly prizes ahead of a grand draw. There are up to 10 talent categories to choose from to showcase the best of African talent,” Mushoriwa said, directing interested parties to visit for more information.

The Sasai App was developed by  Cassava Fintech International, a subsidiary of Econet Global. New users can download the App from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.