Sky is the limit for renowned Masvingo’s Pastor Isaac Makomichi

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Own Correspondent
For youthful Masvingo prophet, Pastor Isaac Makomichi, life has been a roller coaster as the 30-year-old man of God has transformed from a hapless orphan into one of the biggest things in the world of Zimbabwean Pentecostal Churches.
The story of Pastor Makomichi, a man of cloth-cum business mogul and philanthropist seems like a fairytale. His is a story of an orphan who grew up under very difficult circumstances but found a way to the top and in turn, evolved into an acclaimed philanthropist helping children orphaned by HIV and Aids in Masvingo province and beyond.
Pastor Makomichi, who fronts the Miracle Healing and Deliverance Church, one of the fastest-growing congregations in Zimbabwe, was born at Masvingo General Hospital on 2nd February 1993. Today, the young pastor is a proud husband to Priscilla Muzondipeyi, a former top model and ex-Miss Agriculture (Masvingo) who capped her modelling career by landing the Miss Youth (Masvingo Province) title at the peak of her powers. The young couple is blessed with two daughters, Blue and Bithia.
He built his evangelism on the strength of preaching messages of hope having been strengthened by the challenges he faced when he was orphaned as a child where he had to be taken care of by his maternal grandmother in rural Chirumhanzu where he honed his devotion to God.
The pastor runs an orphanage that opened opportunities for orphaned children and in 2019, the pastor won a charity award after leading a programme to pay school fees for hundreds of children orphaned by HIV and AIDS.
Driven by self-belief, Pastor Makomichi has in a short space of time evolved into a high-flying businessman and business mogul and today is Chief Executive Officer of Extra Lavishers Web. The way he impacted lives with his orphanage has inculcated values of hard work in many orphans and his influence transcends Zimbabwean borders as he has also visited other countries to hone his business skills and preach the word of God.
Fake Goblin story
The pastor once hogged the limelight after a local tabloid published a false story alleging the Prophet had performed a fake miracle.One of the people who claimed that Pastor Makomichi faked exorcism by planting fake goblins on unsuspecting victims later confessed that he had been paid to smear the pastor’s name in a bid to outflank his fast-growing church ministry.
Love portion controversy
Prophet Makomichi earned overnight cult status after his followers confirmed his powers to rescue families beset by marriage problems.
His reputation grew exponentially after many couples and lovebirds came out and gave testimonies about the wonder of his love portions that united broken families and brought together estranged lovers.
Charity works
The pastor’s propensity for charity work has also earned him great respect in his hometown of Masvingo. The height of his charity work was winning a charity award at the annual Masvingo Music Awards held at Charles Austin Theatre in 2019.
Pastor Makomichi says for him, the sky is the limit and dreams of growing his church ministry into a transnational congregation founded on the values of nurturing hope, building resilience, and upholding philanthropy in both good and bad times.