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South Sudan now connected to undersea fibre link through Liquid

Strive Masiyiwa
Liquid Telecom has begun extending its services to Juba South Sudan, telecoms guru Strive Masiyiwa has revealed.
South Sudan was one of only two countries in Africa with no link to the rest of the world, through Undersea Fibre link.
“We built a 200km link from Uganda’s border. It was tough because of mines and booby traps. The Fibre cable connects with our cables in Uganda, and links to our cables in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya. At Dar and Mombasa they are now connected to cables going to Asia, Europe, and the Americas!
“Liquid currently has over 75,000 of Fibre networks running through 18 countries. This includes cables from Cape Town to Cairo, and from Port Sudan to Cameroon and Nigeria. A cable running from Cape Town to Kinshasa is set for commissioning later this year. I plan to do Juba’s first Town Hall meeting beamed live by broad band before the end of next month. I’m now planning a trip to Eritrea, the last country with no broadband high speed Internet. “If not us, who? If not now, when?” John F Kennedy,” Strive Masiyiwa posted on Facebook.

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