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Taboom Media leads fights for LGBTQI+ equality

Fight for equality

Taboom Media and GALA Queer Archive have launched the second volume in their Queer Activism in Africa anthology series titled Courage to Share.

In a statement, Taboom said in the latest volume, 28 human rights defenders from across the African continent share stories of their origin and their journeys as activists.

It said the testimonies of the activists were intimate and spoke to their strength and vulnerability, documenting and elevating their collective fight for LGBTQI+ equality.

“The result is a powerful anthology of resistance, resilience, and recognition.”

Original illustrations depicting the hardships and triumphs of the collective movement by Queer and ally artists brought each story to life.;

Taboom and GALA will be highlighting three new stories every Wednesday over the coming weeks. Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and share these stories, illustrations, and videos far and wide (#CourageToShare #QueerStories #QueerActivism)

Like its predecessor Hopes and Dreams That Sound Like Yours (May 2021), Courage to Share emerged from a new Media Advocacy for LGBTQI+ Equality workshop Taboom Media hosted in Feb. 2022 with activists from 20+ countries.

A low-resolution PDF version of the anthology can be accessed by visiting the website for High-Resolution (37 MB) or Mid-Resolution (13 MB) or resolution (8 MB) versions.

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