The Other Side of Zvekupenga Trio

By Kudzayi Zvinavashe

Fairytales and fantasies usually have a tragic end, same with love and the proverbial “Match Made in heaven”.

While the First son in law Simba Chikore and wife Bona Mugabe’s marriage remains shrouded in secrecy and the public has been left to ponder if it is the phantasmagorical, that has not been the case with Tinashe Makura and Chashe whose romance has thrived in the past two weeks.

The ‘couple’ known for the track Zvekupenga inspired by Chikore’s wedding vows, recently performed together for the first time at the Harare International Festival of the Arts where they gave a well polished performance.

Theirs appears to be a real fantasy.

”we had never met, we were introduced by a mutual friend and we started discussing the possibility of a collaboration” Chashe said with a glee.

Yet the duo’s characters appeared to have fallen on the correct paths as they easily jelled; sometimes even overly relying on the other to respond to a question directed to one.

For one not in the know, this was easily a match made in heaven, yet Chashe is taken.

Tinashe Makura on the other hand has done very well keeping his private life from the lime light but the dark skinned artist did not hesitate to confirm that he is in a relationship, “I hve someone special in my life although I cannot say the name”.

But the sparkle will not die as they will be getting into the studio to record another duet titled Good News, once more the track will be produced the same way Zvekupenga was online.

Chashe said, “Zim artists should utilise the new age of internet to make collaborations with other foreign artists, I intend to maximize on this and advance my musical career”

Anton added saying, “this is where the world is going, in fact I produce for a lot of artists across the globe and I’m always on skype working with these artist it just gets lonely when you done working and you are alone in the studio”

When asked if he would be willing to work with more Zimbabwean artists he said he is willing to work as long as the artist is committed to put in the work.