Thomas Mapfumo returns home to a hero’s welcome

Legendary Chimurenga music icon Dr Thomas Mapfumo has retraced his footsteps back home after a 14-year self-imposed absence that saw him being welcomed by a legion of his fans in a heroic fashion.

True to his iconic status, Dr Mapfumo appeared at a press conference in the company of music superstar Dr Oliver Mtukudzi and other upcoming artists like Andy Muridzo and Gary Tight.

The incident dispelled myths that there is rivalry between the two superstars as both camps spoke about unity of purpose and a cordial relationship that dates back to the pre-independence era.

“Me and Oliver are not enemies. These rumours were propagated by those who wanted to divide us. The rivalry existed in their own minds. As Africans we should be united and be proud of our identity. The African continent is the richest in terms of resources but sadly it is the poorest because we have no unity and our leadership thrives on stealing and corruption,” Dr Mapfumo said.

He rallied the youths to unite and love one another despite their political differences and work towards developments since they are the future leaders.

“The young generation must be the united, love each other and work together as they are the future leaders. Young people should not be separated by political affiliations. Poverty is caused by the disagreements among people. There is need to fight corruption and help nurture talents of these young people so that they will inherit and take our cultural music to greater heights.”

Mapfumo rrevealed that he is working on a new album that will encompass all genres since music is evolving over time.

He promised his fans fireworks in that new offering.

Superstar Oliver Mutukudzi said he was excited to witness Gandanga’s return after so many decades. He supported Mukanya’s mantra of practising love and unity among citizens.

The legendary musicians promised to mentor upcoming musicians who would take the music into the future.

Mapfumo who has been staying in the United States of America has been raising the Zimbabwean flag in the Diaspora in as far as   music is concerned.

He hailed the new dispensation for bringing a semblance of stability but said the change was piecemeal and required the young generation to take charge of the levers of political power for it to be complete.

When given an opportunity to meet the former leader of the country Robert Mugabe Mapfumo said he would tell him in the fest that he messed up.