Traditional leaders rallied to join war on drug abuse

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By Elvis Dumba

Dalkeith, Mazvikadei – Traditional leaders who are custodians of cultural values have been called upon to join government efforts in ending drug abuse challenges by young people.

The government is currently seized with initiatives that aim to end the rampant drug abuse scourge which has threatened to tear apart the social fabric net with traditional leaders being called upon to ensure the problem is addressed in their communities.

The call was made by Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works who is also Zvimba North Constituency Member of Parliament Marian Chombo

Speaking during a ZANU PF district youth sports gala at Dalkeith Farm in Mazvikadei, Chombo said traditional leaders should stamp their authority and ensure that young people respect and follow cultural community standards which urge positive community development.

“We are worried as the government that educational strides gained may be reversed as more of our children are getting into destructive drug abuse behaviors resulting in most of them becoming unproductive with some dying very young. This is threatening the future of young people. It is our hope that as traditional leaders, you join in this fight as you engage your communities so that this scourge is eradicated before it goes beyond control,” she said.

Chief Katizagombo, born Urayayi Jenami, said they are concerned about the issue of drug abuse which has become a huge problem in rural and farming communities.

“We are really concerned as traditional leaders on this menace where our children including girls are drug addicts who no longer have time to be productive but engaging in illegal activities to finance their drug habits. What is more worrying is that the challenge is no longer an urban challenge but it is now deep in the rural communities where these drugs are freely sold,” he said.

Chief Katizagombo said there should be stiffer penalties on those found trading in these drugs being abused by young people.