Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe to award 173 safety champions

The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) today (March 15) awards 173 road safety champions with certificates at a ceremony in Mount Darwin, a senior official has said.

TSCZ acting media and corporate communications officer, Vimbai Zhiwakinyu said: “On Friday the 15th of March, we have the road safety champion certification ceremony in Mount Darwin where 173 people are going to be awarded certificates for participating in this program. All of these people have been trained in issues to do with road safety.”

She said this is a nationwide program whose training includes pedestrian safety, driver safety, passenger safety, vehicle carriages issues and many other things.

Zhiwakinyu said Road Safety Champions Initiative program seeks to educate or train leaders in the society like church leaders and chiefs with the aim that they will disseminate the information to their followers or congregants and society.

She said the training of chiefs from Mashonaland Central as road safety champions will be held on March 22.

Last December, TSCZ trained 22 chiefs in Mashonaland East including chiefs Svosve and Seke.

In an attempt to reduce the rate of accidents in the country, TSCZ has other initiatives which includes first responders where it is working with the Red Cross Association to train people who live near accident black spots dotted around the country in first aid so they can help accident victims.

TSCZ is also working with the police, transport companies, and passenger associations among other organisations on initiatives to reduce accidents in the country.

“Despite all these initiatives, the message remains that road safety remains everyone’s business. We might try as hard as we can, but people need to take heed of these messages and prioritise safety because there is no second chance.

If you are reckless in your driving, you will die, or you may have permanent injuries that will affect you for the entire life,” she said.

She urges people to manage time well when travelling to ensure they get to their destinations in time.