Vickie Maponga’s talkshow continues to inspire many lives

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Writes Chimeno Azriel

One of the fast-growing and well-followed talk shows, Another Chance, is continuing to inspire many through some of its sessions, meetings, and workshops which are mostly held virtually and physically. Recently, Vickie Maponga’s show hosted an all-ladies conference which was held last Saturday in Belgravia, Harare.

Running under the theme ” Let’s Talk about it”, the participants had the chance to discuss and gain knowledge on the Marriage Act, property rights, estate planning, mental health, and self-care among other aspects.

The organization has been making airwaves on social media platforms by providing much-needed support and resources for individuals in need.

The visionary and founder, Vickie Maponga, is passionate about mental health issues and one can notice that her visions for the organisation is driven by a genuine desire to bring about real change and transformation in the lives of the affected.

Vickie has a wealth of experience in the matters of mental illness, which resulted in her dedicating time and energy to matters of mental health. Another Chance is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

The organization, through various programs and initiatives, has been able to reach out to countless individuals and families in need of help. One of their most impactful programs is their support groups, where individuals come together in a safe and non-judgmental environment to share their struggles and triumphs. This was witnessed last Saturday through testimonies that were shared by individuals during the women empowerment session.

Hosted by Vickie Maponga who is a News and TV Personality, the successfully organised session tackled so many issues that opened the eyes of those who managed to attend. The Guest of Honour for the day was none other than Advocate Regina Mutindindi who is a Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer, and Notary public. She managed to empower the audience on matters to do with the Marriage Act and types of marriages in Zimbabwe, estate planning, and also the importance of having a Will.

Speaking to the guest, Advocate Regina Mutindindi, said Mental health and marriage are tropical issues that are affecting a lot of people and even professionals are not spared.

“Mental health is like a headache like what Vickie always says and there is a need to find the root cause of the mental health challenges, give the necessary support, and also find coping mechanisms,” said the Advocate.

“There is a need to raise awareness about mental health so that people can open up and talk freely without being labelled or being called crazy yet they do not get the necessary assistance,” continued Mutindindi.

“The rising rate of mental health issues is a concerning trend that requires attention and action. It is important for individuals, communities, and governments to prioritize mental health awareness, support, and resources,’ said the Advocate.

There is a need to promote mental health education, reduce stigma, increase access to mental health services, and foster supportive environments for those struggling with mental health challenges.

The Organization also offers counselling services for those in need of professional help and has a team of licensed therapists who are dedicated to providing personalized care and support to each individuals who seek help.

In addition to their direct services, the Organization also works tirelessly to raise awareness about mental health issues through community events, workshops, and educational programs. By educating the public about the importance of mental wellness, they are helping to break down barriers and create a more supportive environment for those struggling with mental illness.

The impact that the Organization has on the community cannot be overstated. Countless lives have been touched and transformed by their work, as individuals find hope, healing, and support through their programs.

As people look towards a future where mental health is no longer stigmatized or ignored, organizations like The Organization serve as beacons of light, guiding people towards a more compassionate and understanding society. Their dedication to promoting mental wellness is truly commendable, and people can only hope that their work continues to inspire others to join the fight for better mental healthcare for all.

Another chance is really helping people to open up and share their issues freely and also offering the necessary support. Some ladies are being assisted with financial support, medical help, and the necessary knowledge on issues affecting them.

Vickie is paying school fees and providing uniforms for the dependants of some of the people who gave their testimonies. Vickie is a shoulder to cry on and has a listening ear and offers the necessary support. Being a person who also experienced mental health challenges and also managed to overcome the challenges gives practical solutions and gives hope to people who are having mental health challenges. For those who need legal assistance, she is also referring to legal practitioners so that they can get help.

Advocate Regina Mutindindi said Mental health is real and it’s crucial to get the necessary help on time before the situation gets to extreme levels.

“Another chance is a safe place for people to get guidance, counselling and psychological support. Through the topics that we discuss, people are getting the knowledge on how to deal with mental health challenges. It is trite that ignorance of the law is not an excuse and people need to be equipped and acquire the knowledge about legal issues that affect them in their marriages, when dealing with properties or dealing estates that can cause mental health issues so the community should get the required knowledge on mental health and legal issues to avoid extreme health conditions or even deaths as a result of mental health issues.” said the Advocate.

In an interview, some of the ladies who attended the conference said they learnt a lot from the conference.

“Another Chance is committed to promoting mental well-being and providing support to individuals who may be struggling with mental health challenges. Another Chance offers valuable resources, education, and tools to help individuals better understand and manage their mental health and by hosting these sessions, the organization demonstrates a commitment to destigmatizing mental health issues and creating a safe space for open discussions and support. Overall, the organization’s efforts can greatly benefit the community by raising awareness, providing guidance, and fostering a supportive environment for those in need,” daid Ms Tsitsi Bvumbirai.

Last week’s session was a great opportunity and an eye-opener. Women, like anyone else, can have various reasons for attending a mental health event. They may have a personal interest in mental health, or they might be directly or indirectly affected by mental health challenges. Increasing awareness and decreasing stigma surrounding mental health topics have encouraged more women to seek support and participate in related events.

Host Vickie Maponga thanked those who made it to the session as some came all the way from Masvingo, Chinhoyi, and other areas who came to gain knowledge about Mental health and marriage tips.