Viral eye disease spreads in Karonga, Malawi

Viral conjunctivitis
Writes Catherine Murombedzi 
Viral conjunctivitis (eye disease) also known as pink eye is spreading at an alarming rate in Karonga, Malawi. A total of 109 cases have been recorded since February 1, 2024.
“Viral conjunctivitis is a disease caused by a virus. It affects the eyes and can be spread easily from person to person. Signs and symptoms include swelling of the eye lining known as the conjunctiva, excessive tear production, red or pink coloring on the white part of the eye, itching, eye discharge, painful constrained vision,” said the statement stamped 13 February and signed by David Sibale, Director Health Services in the district.
“Prevention can be achieved through washing hands with clean running water, sanitizing hands, not sharing towels and personal clothing, and items like sunglasses, avoid touching or rubbing eyes. A person with the above symptoms should avoid going to public places. Rather, the person must report at a health facility. near them,” the statement informed.
Most cases of pink eye are caused by adenovirus but also can be caused by other viruses, including herpes simplex virus and varicella-zoster virus or an allergy. (Health Alert).

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