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Vision 2030 Movement seeks to unify youths of different persuasions


Byron Mutingwende


The Vision 2030 Movement, a lobby group by young Zimbabweans, is working to bridge the divide among youths from different walks of life in its pursuit of bringing about development.


In an interview with Spiked Online Media, Milton Munyaradzi, the Spokesperson of Vision 2030 Movement said their goal was to build up a social cohesion within the youth community towards a shared dream.


“As Vision 2030 Movement, our main thrust is on uniting Zimbabweans at large towards participating in the achievement of making Zimbabwe a middle-income economy by 2030.


“In doing so, we would like to engage the youths and understand exactly what they expect through a youth indaba comprising youths from different backgrounds and orientation,” Munyaradzi said.


The movement expects fruitful, apolitical contributions from participants at the indaba expected to be held around mid-year.


After the inaugural indaba, a series of nationwide meetings will be held with students from tertiary institutions, in secondary and primary schools alike. People with different professional skills and competencies will also be engaged to contribute towards the success of the Vision 2030 Movement.


Paul Tapiwa Mavima, the Chairperson of the Vision 2030 Movement called on the importance of embracing patriotism and identifying oneself to the common national agenda of seeing Zimbabwe prosper.


“As youths, it is high time we take the leading role in ensuring development and growth within the confines of Zimbabwe and Africa at large. The thrust of the organisation is hinged on patriotism and identifying ourselves with the founding principles, values and morals of our African humanity (ubuntuism).


“As leaders of today and tomorrow, it is fundamental for us to make positive contributions towards the uplifting of our societies,” Mavima said.

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