War veterans splinter group dismisses Ambassador Mutsvangwa


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A group claiming to be the legitimate Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has refuted the recent statement made by Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa where he indicated that there will be a new election for the leadership of the freedom fighters.
“We would like to clarify the following points. It is important to note that Ambassador Mutsvangwa ceased to be the Chairman of ZNLWVA on 5th November 2019, as his five-year tenure had come to an end. Therefore, any statements or actions taken by him after that date are not representative of the official position of the ZNLWVA.
“On 7th October 2023, an Extraordinary Congress was held, during which a new executive, led by Andreas Ethan Mathibela, was elected into office. This new executive is currently responsible for leading the ZNLWVA and making decisions on behalf of the association. Any information or statements concerning the ZNLWVA should be sought from the current executive,” said Edward Dube, who claimed to be the substantive ZNLWVA Secretary-General.
Dube said the ZNLWVA is a private voluntary organization and operates independently. In that regard, he said Ambassador Mutsvangwa does not administer the Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO) Act, which governs the registration and regulation of such organizations in Zimbabwe.
“Therefore, any statements made by Ambassador Mutsvangwa regarding the ZNLWVA’s activities or plans are invalid and hold no legal effect.
“We urge all members of the ZNLWVA and its stakeholders to dismiss Ambassador Mutsvangwa’s statement with the contempt it deserves. As mentioned earlier, his statements do not reflect the official position of the ZNLWVA, and they should not be considered as such. The ZNLWVA remains committed to its mission and will continue to operate under the leadership of the new executive,” Dube added.
In an interview with this publication, Moffat Elias Marashwa, a war veterans leader from Mashonaland West Province said Ambassador Mutsvangwa was given power by the highest office in the country, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, hence he speaks from a position of authority.
“Ambassador Mutsvangwa was given a Ministry that superintends war veterans affairs by President Mnangagwa. That group led by Mathibela and Dube is working with the opposition to cause divisions among war veterans. The ZNLWVA will hold elections soon as spelt out by Ambassador Mutsvangwa. The outcome of that plebiscite will determine the new leadership for the war veterans,” Marashwa said.