Whitney Cash drops new single

By Kundai Marunya

Following a great reception of her first two tracks released earlier this year, fast rising female rapper Whitney Maenzanise a.k.a Whitney Cash on Monday dropped a new single titled Love Somebody.

The track which features popular rapper Cruise and R ‘n’ B singer Chris James is a declaration of love.

“The song talks about how even when I love somebody I want to keep showing them what it is to love,” said Cash.

The single which is part of the first EP was released online on soundcloud while it was shared via Cash’s official Facebook page.

The rapper who is in her debut year as a professional musician has been making waves with her recent releases, Wanna Be and Takushamisira which features MC Killa.

Along with Shakki, she also features on Kritic Igwe’s The Weekend which is trending on Power FM top ten.

Of her sudden rise in the local hip hop scene, Cash said the industry lacks variety.

“The industry lacks a variety of female rappers so it was not that hard for me to penetrate as I have my own sound different to many,” she said.

“What is hard however is getting respect from male rappers; you have to work very hard to earn it.”

Cash pleaded for an ear from the local audience.

“I believe we are as good as United States and South African rappers, we just need your support so that we can further develop and spread the hip hop culture so that we can spread our wings far and wide,” said Cash.

Meanwhile, Whitney Cash is working on her debut album to be released early next year.

“This will be 12 track album titled Unlike Me. I will be revealing the 50 shades of Whitney in each song, every track different from the other but all bringing out elements of who I am as a person,” she said.

The album will be produced at Hitman Records, with different producers lineup to produce a high quality product.