Youths take part in pioneering peace


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By Joyce Mukucha and Patricia Mashiri

The International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) together with Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA) and Junior Chamber International (JCI) have joined hands in pioneering the dissemination of the culture of peace and harmony as an inheritance to future generations.

The youths were urged to spread peace, education and activities around the Globe to restore togetherness in the mind of people.

Samantha Munetsi, the representative of Zimbabwe IPYG said people are living in a world full of violence, tribalism and hate speech among others and the youths are the most affected group.

“We are living in a world full of unwanted conflicts and violence in different forms such as domestic violence, tribalism, gender violence, hate speech, cyber bullying and so forth. Youths are greatly affected without having a say in decision making process.

“However, we as IPYG believe that youths are the ones who will be leading the future of the world. Thus, we established the organisation to empower the youth to have the voice so that they can not only protect themselves from such a world but to become ambassadors of peace,” Munetsi said.

She said projects that are being undertaken to empower youths in peace building include workshops, seminars, clean-up campaigns and annual walk peace commemorations among other activities.

Brighton Musevenzo, ZUNA Programs Officer and the President of ZUNA youths went to explain more on how youths are affected by the lack of peace in the environment around them.

“According to statistics, each year 1, 6 million young people die because of violence. If war and violence erupts youths in schools are disturbed, they will also suffer from psychological as well as suffocating their dreams as future leaders.

“People must note that there is a relationship between peace and development. We must also end tribalism because the death of tribalism is the birth of new Africa,” Musevenzo said.

Musevenzo emphasised that political instability in the country leaves young people vulnerable to violence which then hinders the development of the nation. Peace and development, he said, work hand in glove as peace creates a conducive environment for development.

Samuel Nehumba, the President of JCI said his organisation was grateful to be partnering with with IPYG and ZUNA in an initiative which aims to transform the country into a peaceful nation. He said it was of paramount importance for Zimbabweans to perceive peace as more than a vision but a possibility.

The programme is under the support of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light (HWPL) which supports the International law for the Declaration of Peace and the Cessation of War commonly known as the DPCW. The law was drafted by the International law peace committee comprised of legal expects from 15 different states across the world who came together to achieve a common goal which is world peace.