Zvimba North harnessing the youth demographic dividend

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By Elvis Dumba

Banket – Young people in Zvimba North Constituency are embracing government empowerment projects in which they got access to financial assistance in pursuit of reaping the demographic dividend.

Youths in Zvimba North Constituency hailed their National Assembly representative, Marian Chombo for aiding their access to various business loans from the youth financial institution, Empower Bank.

Speaking at Banket Sports Club where youths were being assisted by Hon Chombo to submit their project proposals to Empower Bank, young people hailed President Emmerson Mnangagwa for walking the talk on youth empowerment and thanked their MP for ensuring that no one is left behind in the government empowerment programs.

“We are grateful to our MP and President for offering us fishing rods instead of fish so that we are included in the financial sector through assisting us to get access to financial loans for our businesses so we assist in the success of National Development Strategy 1 and the government vision 2030 success,” Ganizani Jimu who is in horticulture said.

“As a female, it’s not easy to start a business due to financial constraints but MP Chombo has come to our rescue and we are grateful for the initiatives which will ensure that our President wins in 2030 elections resoundingly,” Ruchiva Desire from Windsor Farm said.

Hon Chombo said the government has various empowerment projects for the youths, women, and people with disabilities.

“Take part in these empowerment projects which are being spearheaded by our President and ZANU PF to ensure financial inclusivity for all,” she said.