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14-year old paralysed child’s parents appeal for help

Mufaro Chanditeya

The parents of a 14-year old paralysed boy, who live in Mbare National Harare are appealing for assistance. The father of Mufaro, Mr. Dominic Chanditeya said that, “My his son was normal from birth. However, at the tender age of four and a half years he developed a condition that led to him becoming paraplegic. This was despite the fact that MRI and CT scans done in 2009 did not reveal any defects in his anatomy.”

Mufaro Chanditeya with his Mother Majorie Masango before he became paralysed

Eventually, Mufaro lost all physical abilities including speech and the ability to move his body. Mufaro is not capable of changing his position when he is lying down. Its only when he sneezes that he on only changes. Otherwise he will make some noise to draw attention.

“Mufaro is not able to swallow food without help. We have to push food towards the throat for him to swallow. The only things that he is able to do is cry, smile or laugh. He is able to see and hear what will be happening around him but cannot respond through speech or movement. Since Mufaro cannot speak or indicate that he needs to use the toilet, he relies on diapers, said Mufaro’s mother Marjory Masango.

Despite the challenges that Mufaro’s parents face they have let their lives become a reflection of the endless amount of ability that can exist due to love, hope and resilience. The fact that both parents, are unemployed has made the upkeep of Mufaro, who is now 14 years old extremely difficult.

To improve Mufaro’s welfare and make his life more comfortable the parents of Mufaro:

  1. Need a school which can avail education and physiotherapy since his body has become stiff due to lack of exercise
  2. Shelter
  3. Medication as and when required
  4. Clothing and diapers
  5. Specially prepared food, since he cannot chew or swallow; one has to push the food with the finger towards the throat for him to swallow

The parents’ parental care for Mufaro can be improved if they are provided with capital for an income generating project, or employment opportunities. At the moment without a source of income they are unable to meet Mufaro’s basic needs. They are currently residing at a relatives house in Mbare.

Well wishers can physically contact Mufaro’s parents Dominic Chanditeya and Marjory Masango st Number 35 Rusike Crescent, Mbare National(Beatrice Cottages, Opposite StarFM). Alternatively, you can call 0773 212 586, 0772 580 839, 0738 480 112. They appreciate any kind of help, cash or kind.

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