5 Best Ways To Get Broken Glass Out Of Carpet

Broken glass on carpet

Accidents happen in every home, but it is what you do after that matters most. Breaking a glass on your floor or carpet is not the issue, but how best it is cleaned and restored can make a difference. The last thing anyone wants is to trigger another accident because of tiny glass pieces left on the carpet.

But how does one properly clean the carpet without leaving glass remnants? Read on to discover simple yet effective glass cleaning techniques.

1.   Use bread

Before exploring the different ways through which one can easily clean broken glass from their carpets, you should note that other glasses inspire the cleaning method one chooses. Broken glass from a wine glass and another from a fluorescent tube may not warrant a similar cleaning technique. Consequently, specific necessary measures will work regardless of the type of glass. Before anyone embarks on the process of cleaning the glass off the carpet, they must exercise caution.

Eye protection is incredibly crucial, considering that the tiny glass pieces may find their way into one’s eyes. Besides, there is a need to wear gloves to minimize and avoid the possibility of cuts. When it comes to cleaning, especially for minor home accidents, try using home DIY solutions. This is where the use of bread comes in. To use the bread to clean the glass pieces, simply cut a chunky piece of bread and press it against the carpet’s glass piece. This will cause the tiny details to stick against the bread. Dispose of the Bread and keep repeating until you are satisfied that all the parts are collected.

Alternatively, you can hire professional service from experts such as Woodard cleaning & restoration services. For instance, it may be difficult to clean the carpet if a large chandelier drops from the ceiling and scatters glass pieces all over the entire carpeted room. In such significant cases, expert cleaners will use specialized equipment to collect the glass pieces without leaving them behind.

2.   Use Ordinary Potatoes

It is never effortless to appreciate the power of potatoes until such a situation arises. While it may sound useless, to begin with, pressing a potato in areas where the broken glasses are spread will help collect them. First, cut the potatoes into thick pieces and encourage them in the areas with the glass pieces. Dispose of all the details with the glass and repeat the process until none is left. The technique works faster when the damage is small.

3.   Damp Paper Towels Come in Handy

When a glass breaks and you are out of bread and potatoes, the next best thing would be to grab a few paper towels before anyone steps on the glass pieces. Ensure that the paper towels are damp since this is the only way the glass pieces will stick against them. Using these will also help clean any food and drink residues that may have poured out as the glass dropped on the carpet. Ensure that the paper towels used are well-layered.

Most people may go for this alternative since it is cheaper to use. However, it is essential to protect hands when using such a method to clean the glasses. The last thing anyone needs are bleeding hands because of broken glass cuts.

4.   Duct Tape

Every home should have at least a roll of duct tape because you never know when you will need one. Besides using the tape to bind or piece items together, it comes in handy when cleaning glass pieces off your carpet. The sticky part of the tape is what you want to use. Simply bind a chunk of the tape on your gloved hand, ensuring that the adhesive side is outside.

Next, press the tape against the broken glass pieces and watch as it collects many tiny pieces. Once enough pieces attach to the tape, discard it and repeat the process until there is none left. It is possible to do this severally before finally attaining success.

5.   Sweep and Collect

This is probably the first thing anyone ought to do before trying all the other methods discussed above. Get your carpet brush and dustpan and sweep off the large pieces first before dealing with the tiny stubborn pieces. Once all the large pieces are safely out of the way, get a flashlight to see where the remaining little glass pieces are clearly. After identifying, tackle them by using any of the four measures already mentioned. With this plan, no glass will be left behind, minimizing the glass pieces’ chances of cuts.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning glasses can be a messy affair if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, several techniques are applied depending on what is available in the house. Do not go out of the way to find expensive solutions when simple items can help. Get rid of the major pieces and apply any of the DIY hacks above to restore the carpet and discard the broken glasses appropriately. Do not vacuum the space lest the glass pieces destroy your appliance or leave you with expensive repair costs. In the end, exercise caution when using glass items to avoid breaking them and ruining your carpet in the process.


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