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7 Tips To Avoid Gaining Fat When Building Muscle


Everybody wishes to gain muscles and attain a healthy physique. Often, bulk eating might lead to fat gain instead of muscle build-up. Hence, the entire muscle gain procedure requires the proper count of diet along with regular medium-intensity workouts. You must consume protein-rich foods and cut down the fats as much as possible.

Along with what you eat, the mealtime, as well as frequency matters, while body-building. Not only does it require proper macros at a specific time, but it also calls for the right amount of each nutrient. Staying away from fats during your muscle-gain spree is quite facile and doable if you stick by the rules.

Keep reading to know the effective ways through which you can cut down the fat gain and increase the muscle mass at the same time.

1.   Start Lifting Weights

Weight lifting is the fastest way to build muscle and improve your core strength. Apart from bulking, lifting is also linked with better posture, mobility, and reduction in joint disorders. If your goal is to stay away from gaining extra fat, then the weight acts miraculously. You might gradually gain better endurance and increase the weights based on the progress. This helps in stimulating the muscle cells to grow and regenerate. Along with this, it increases bone density by reducing osteoporosis with the increasing age.


  • Improves Bone Density and decreases bone loss occurring due to age and lack of nutrition.
  • It Provides a Fat-Free Body by improving the lean muscle mass. Lifting heavy is the key to improving your physique and attaining the perfect muscular body.
  • Better Connective Tissue Strength and makes the tissues, muscles, and tendons strong. Overall, this results in a reduction in musculoskeletal injuries during the workouts.

2.   Count Your Protein Intake

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and increase the replication of muscle cells upto a great extent. What’s even better is that you don’t feel hungry often with higher protein intake. Proteins stimulate your body to produce more hormones like Gastric Inhibitory Peptide and Peptide YY. This makes you feel full much earlier than usual and you end up eating less. Also, with the decreased levels of Ghrelin, you are highly unlikely to feel hungry now and then. All these factors sum up to create a calorie deficit and help in controlling the fat gain significantly.

Always try to add some seafood, nuts, legumes, and celery in your meals. You can also track down the protein intake and make sure to consume around 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. You should also take Human grade steroids along with a heavy diet which would help regulate the antiestrogen in the body, hence preventing deposition of excess fat.

3.   Stay Hydrated

Apart from a top-notch diet and exercise, you must stay hydrated and drink at least 2-3 Litres of water per day. This boosts your muscle gaining process and helps in fetching the required physique. Also, increased water intake suppresses the hunger signals considerably. That way, you are less likely to feel hungry. In case you don’t drink plenty of water, your body misinterprets the thirst signals to be hunger stimulations and you end up snacking. Even the muscle growth accelerates and increases exponentially when the muscle cells are well-hydrated. If you wish to keep your body free of extra fat bulges, then make sure to drink healthy juices, beverages, and water from time to time.

4.   Maintain Strict Meal Timings

Experts suggest that fixing your meal hours is extremely beneficial is limiting unwanted cravings. Also, it makes you prone to disorders like metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, and much more. You must devote specific timings to your meals to increase the muscle cells and their replication. Along with this, the satiety signals help in keeping you full until the next meal arrives. Set your body clock right by eating at the same time every day. This helps in regulating your sleeping patterns and makes you feel refreshed.


  • Maintains The Body Cycle, which in turn, makes you sleep as well as assimilate the food better.
  • Boosts The Metabolism by providing much-needed energy throughout the day. That way, you are less likely to feel hungry or lethargic.
  • Proper Detoxification occurs when your body is at complete rest. If you eat on time, your body determines the right time to carry out this detoxification and keeps the harmful toxins away.

5.   Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

When it comes to avoiding fat gain, you must stick to the fiber diet with loads of roughage and proteins. The fibers help in controlling your hunger signals as they make you feel full for a prolonged duration. Hence, you end up eating less which minimizes the risk of storage of fatty acids. On your muscle-building spree, you must stick to a fiber-rich diet for better results. Apart from the stimulation of muscle cells, it maintains top-notch digestion and lowers down the high cholesterol levels. Other risks of lifestyle disorders like diabetes mellitus also decrease with a regular high-fiber nutritional diet.


  • Decreases the Risk Of Constipation & Haemorrhoids as it softens the stool. This makes you strain less and passes the stool down without any efforts.
  • Cardiovascular Anomalies like hypertension, higher cholesterol, and other related conditions often take a backseat with top-notch fiber intake.
  • Control Diabetes and decrease the elevated blood glucose levels. This helps in gaining muscle faster and declines the rate of fat storage in the body.

6.   Get Your Beauty Sleep

Did you know that lack of proper sleep might lead to fat storage and weight gain in the long run? Around 8 to 9 hours of sleep is essential to maintain the functioning of the vital organs like the brain, stomach, and lungs. Hence, fat storage takes a toll and decreases considerably. Also, better sleep helps in muscle recovery after strenuous exercises and workout sessions. That’s when your muscle builds up and the muscle cells replicate to increase the muscle mass. Make sure to sleep at 10 or 11 p.m. to fulfill the daily sleep requirements and maintain salubrity throughout.

7.   Do Cardio Often

To gain muscle and avoid fat storage, you must perform cardio now and then. It increases your heart rate and leads to a top-notch fat burning process. Hence, the extra bulges might disappear while performing cardio. You must stick to cardio for 100 to 150 minutes a week. Not only will this increase the breakdown of fats, but also help in decreasing fat storage. This makes you gain muscle much faster than usual and get the dream physique. Choose amongst the innumerable options available like running, swimming, cycling, and jogging.

Bottom Line

Gym enthusiasts suffer from the regular build-up of fat due to the high carb and protein diet. However, it’s quite essential to cut down on the fat storage to make the most out of your gym sessions. For such purposes, you must stay hydrated and sleep more often. Along with this, stick to at least 80 to 100 minutes of cardio every week for faster results. One of the best ways to cut down fat storage is through the consumption of fiber-rich foods. Always try adding some roughage to digest as well as assimilate the food better. Utilize the effective ways mentioned above and decrease the fat bulges in no time. In the process, gain some muscle and fulfill the dream of attaining a muscular physique.

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