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A memorable tourism adventure in the provinces of the beautiful Cyprus island


The Güzelyurt and Lefke Tour

Imagine that the branches of the citrus trees are having a love affair with the waves of Mediterranean….


Imagine that every corner of the place you can smell the history blended with the traditional taste…


Imagine that you are in a place that the name of the island came from…..


Simply the best part of the island that is not spoiled at all….


God of Gods, Zeus was in love with a beautiful woman called Leda, which he turned himself into a swan to win her heart pictured in the famous mosaic of Soli Ancient Basilica. You will be lost in time tunnel when you step into Soli. It takes you back to 11 century B.C.


Oranges of Lefke (registered as one of “The Cittaslow Town” in the world) perhaps the juiciest in the world.


How about the delicious strawberries of Yeşilırmak (Limnitis) that you can pick up yourself and eat as much as you want in the month of May.


On your way down to Yeşilırmak have a break with breathtaking views from “Vouni Palace” the ancient Persian palace. While you are at the top, you wish that you would have the wings to fly.

Complete your day at dusk with a drink, watching over the dark blue and listening the calming sound of the waves…

Famagusta Tour

La Famiglia Augusta… Which means Augusta Family. Very rich Venetian Family. That’s how this historical city got its name from. It was a small fishing town in old days, which was under the shadow of the capital Salamis during the Roman time called Arsinoe.


Famagusta was the island’s most important port city, and a gateway to trade with the ports of the Levant, from where the Silk Road merchants carried their goods to Western Europe.

In the walled city of Famagusta, wherever you turn and touch, you would come face to face with history.


Ghosts will haunt you in Varosha if you had a chance to go in. It was a suburb of Famagusta. Before 1974, it used to be considered as the “Riviera of Mediterranean”. Since the division, it’s all abounded. But, you can still enjoy the lovely Palm Beach. Whilst you absorbing vitamin E under the beautiful sun, you watch over the buildings where once rich and famous use to sit on its balconies.


Salamis… Settlement goes back 7th century B.C. According to mythology, Teucros the son of King Telamon of Salamis Island and Hesione, was the legendary founder of the city of Salamis in Cyprus. He fought alongside his half-brother, Ajax, in the Trojan War. Ajax committed suicide during the war. Father Telamon told Teucros not to come back because he couldn’t take care of his brother. He sailed off looking for a place to settle. He ended of in heaven where beautiful Mediterranean Sea meets the finest golden sand. And called the place after his birth island called “Salamis”.

During the Roman period got it’s fame and became the capital of Cyprus. Romans were great architects.


Famous Roman baths, designed by Sergius Orata. Vitruvius also credited Orata with the invention of the hypocaust (underfloor heating), which is still used by Spa System today. Antique Theatre is the biggest one on Cypriot soil. Original capacity was 15.000.


Still in use for the world famous Famagusta International Art & Culture Festival which takes place every year in summer.


Latrines… Ancient toilets. They were 44 of them. Known as “The Second Parliament”. They used to discuss anything and everything in there.


Only 10 percent has been revealed of the ancient city. 90 percent still underground. Waiting to be discovered.


St. Barnabas was the first missionary of Christianity in Cyprus. He was originally from Salamis. Unfortunately, he was killed by stoning. His legendary thumb is near Salamis. His gospel is very famous. It is one of the evangelist Bible. According to the legend, it is the only one left, which a lot of people are still after it. People got killed to get the possession of it and are still getting killed. They even write a book and made a movie about it. “The Da Vinci Code”.


So, if you want to get lost in the history, Famagusta and surrounding is the place to visit…

The Nacosia Tour

Be part of the history whilst you can to walk through the only divided capital on earth….

After Berlin Nicosia is the only one left…

The check point “Lokmacı” or “Ledra Street” in the heart of the walled city used to be called “Murder Mile” where there was a lot of bloodshed during the trouble times… These days it is like a child play to go across to both sides…

The strip is a “Shopping Galore” for ladies. Man usually prefers to chill out in the bars and cafes while ladies will shop till drop…

Biggest cathedral ever built on Cypriot soil known as “Selimiye Mosque” today, a unique example of stone masonry that your eyes will be lost watching the figures of the kings.


It is one of the rare buildings that one can find the resemblance of many cultures within. Roman, Lusignan and Ottoman architectural blend has been crowned as the Best Renovation Award “Nostra Awards” in 2009.

Security of your historical soul lies within the Walled City of Nicosia. Let your mind free…


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